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Winners of the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2021 announced

The virtual celebrations were hosted by Mishal Husain, Presenter, BBC Radio 4 and BBC News at Ten.

This year, the ‘Judges’ Award’ was given to all the technical teams in recognition of the ingenuity, innovation and speed they demonstrated this year to keep journalism on the air.

TV Diary: Trevor Phillips

Over the New Year, a big birthday, celebrated by a return to my childhood home, Guyana. We spent a week in the rainforest, among the red howler monkeys, screaming pihas and spectacled caiman. Under the canopy, it’s a noisy, hostile environment, mostly populated by wild pigs, giant snakes and spiteful, buzzing insects. The gag about my Sunday-morning job interviewing politicians writes itself.

Craft and resolve: Ash Atalla, Clare Richards, Inzamam Rashid and Steve Hughes deliver RTS Student Masterclasses 2023

Inzamam Rashid talks to Helen Scott on stage at the RTS Student Masterclasses 2023

The RTS Student Master­classes drew a crowd of more than 300 this month to hear four of the industry’s top talents talk about their careers and offer first-hand advice on how to make a start in television.


Inzamam Rashid, a Sky News correspondent based in the north of England, told the packed Journalism masterclass: “I always wanted to do the news, [as] a reporter, a newsreader or [working] behind the scenes.”

John Ryley on fearless journalism

John Ryley gestures while holding a microphone

The recently departed Head of Sky News was in combative mode as he outlined three recommendations to improve British broadcast journalism.

First, John Ryley said: “Broadcasters should start reporting on the Royal Family with the same rigour as they treat every [other] story on the news agenda.… They are too supine, too incurious, too compliant. 

Sky News creates ChatGPT-powered reporter to test AI journalism

Together with Norwegian YouTube and coder, Kris Fagerlie, Sky News created the reporter using ChatGPT and other publicly accessible AI software.

They found that the AI reporter was able to pitch a "topical, accurate and impartial story idea" within a single 20-minute software run.

But they also found that the reporter made vital mistakes, falsifying expert evidence for its article (something that's called "hallucinations" in AI science) and requiring human intervention to uphold other ethical and editorial standards.

TV Diary: John Ryley's last day as Head of Sky News

Headshot of John Ryley

12.00pm Friday 5 May

The Sky newsroom: 24 hours left as the boss; 39 years in daily news – 17 years as the head of Sky News – will come to a hard stop tomorrow at noon, when Charles is crowned King and Camilla Queen.

Standing at my desk, I look across the newsroom and reflect on how this trade has changed. Now, there are no ashtrays. No plastic cups of half-drunk coffee. No typewriters. But so many mobile phones.

Does TV news exploit TikTok?

TikTok is the new social media kid on the block, but it’s also stirring things up among broadcasters – and not simply because of its controversial Chinese ownership.

Fears that TikTok is mining our data and sending it to Beijing has created a tricky dilemma for media companies. The app has been banned from work devices by a number of governments, international bodies and companies and is under fire from the US Congress.