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Mental Health in Film and Television After Covid

The Film and TV Charity recently published Looking Glass ’21, a follow-up to its 2019 research which uncovered a mental health crisis in the film, TV and cinema industry. At this special panel session, the charity’s CEO, Alex Pumfrey is joined by Head of Bectu, Philippa Childs, CEO of Banijay, Lucinda Hicks and Alicia Dalrymple, Junior Production Manager at Dragonfly to discuss how Looking Glass ’21 acts as a temperature check for the industry as it emerges from the pandemic.

Q&A with cast of BBC One's Chloe

Creator Alice Seabright, executive producer Tally Garner and stars Erin Doherty, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Billy Howle, Jack Farthing and Brandon Micheal Hall give an in depth behind the scenes look at the new BBC One drama Chloe and discuss what to expect from the new drama. The event was hosted by Rhianna Dhillon.

From Guilt to revenge: the return of the hit Scottish drama

The stylish and twisty BBC Scotland show, which is shot in Edinburgh and returned for a second series this autumn, opens with the antihero, lawyer Max (Mark Bonnar), being released from jail.

“Guilt is spoken about a lot in this series... but this show is more about revenge. Max’s overarching desire is to revenge what has happened to him,” explained the actor.

How to make the most of remote production

Exploring the methods of making remote production easier, he said: ‘Streaming isn’t just about going live on a platform any more. It’s also about bringing remote presenters into a production or viewing a shot as it’s happening on set, live, remotely from anywhere in the world.

‘If you have a director on the other side of the world who needs to be involved in the post-production process, they want to see everything that’s happening and have a means of communicating with the people in that edit suite. We can do that using live streaming technologies.’

How children's TV came out of the pandemic stronger

The resilience and ingenuity of broadcasters and producers as they adapted their children’s content to lockdown was emphasised at a joint RTS London and Children’s Media Foundation (CMF) event, “Kids, Covid and content”, in October.

Louise Bucknole, VP of programming for kids at ViacomCBS Networks International UK & Ireland, recalled how Covid-19 had forced producers to make Channel 5’s pre-school service Milkshake! virtually.