RTS events

Light at the End of the Tunnel - Life Beyond Lockdown | RTS West of England

Hear the inside story of production in lockdown in Bristol and how our Indies see the months ahead.

Lynn Barlow, chair, RTS WoE, is joined by Wendy Darke, CEO True to Nature Productions, Grant Mansfield, CEO Plimsoll Productions, Mike Jenkins, Founder, Blak Wave Productions, and Sacha Mirzoeff, Channel 4 Commissioner, Bristol Creative Hub.

Why reality TV needs to pass the four-second test

“Twenty years ago everyone thought reality TV was a flash in the pan, but it’s become a fixed item on traditional TV channels and on-demand services like Netflix who’ve recently had huge success with Too Hot To Handle,” said Rick Murray, managing director, Manchester-based Workerbee, which makes new Channel 4’s reality show, The Bridge, based on a Spanish format.   

Richard Curtis fronts panel about how to tackle environmental issues on screen at the RTS and Global Action Plan event

Television cannot be accused of ignoring the environment. Our destruction of the planet has long been a staple of serious TV documentaries. And in drama, zombies, pandemics and nuclear catastrophe offer stark visions of our future if humanity fails to mend its ways.

According to Richard Curtis, however, environmental programming doesn’t have to be “boring, didactic or terrifying”. The UK’s king of comedy reckoned it can also be “funny, interesting, educational and personal”.

Cutting through the clutter: The importance of broadcaster branding

It was easier in the old days – if a show was good enough, families in their millions watched it from their living rooms. But as choice, channels and platforms mushroomed, finding an audience for a programme became more complicated. The fight to be heard now requires broadcasters to break out to digital platforms, mobile devices and new audiences – who increasingly receive their recommendations from social media.

TV Brand Cut-Through Re-Envisioned | Full session

This RTS webinar investigates how consumers are responding to all this choice, what drives their choice, and investigates how both legacy TV and video brands are tackling the new world and expand their tool kits to stand out find audiences.

Moderator Boyd Hilton, Entertainment Director, Heat and Deputy Editor, Pilot TV Magazine, is joined by Selma Turajlic, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Little Dot Studios, Zaid Al-Qassab, Chief Marketing Officer, Channel 4, and Rob Campbell, Head of Strategy, R/GA EMEA.