Romesh Ranganathan

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan returns for a final series

Ranganathan first began his misadventures when his producers challenged him to step out of his holiday comfort zone back in 2018, where he travelled to Haiti. Through three series of The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, he has travelled to some of the most naturally beautiful, but sometimes misunderstood places including Bosnia, Zimbabwe and Columbia.

Aisling Bea joins Romesh Ranganathan for second series of Avoidance

Aisling Bea, Colin Hoult, Romesh Ranganathan, Jessica Knappett, Mandeep Dhillon and Lisa McGrillis sit and stand around a chair in a living room, which is decked out with balloons

The first series saw Ranganathan star as an unhealthily conflict-avoidant man doing his utmost to avoid dealing with his recent break-up. Rather than telling his young son Spencer (Kieran Logendra) that his parents are splitting up, Jonathan (Ranganathan) took him to hide out with his sister and her wife.

Plot details are scarce, but the release hints at a brighter series two "about falling in love, messy reconciliation and a baby."

Mo Gilligan signs for A League of Their Own’s red team

A League of Their Own sees sports stars and comedians compete in a series of rounds designed to test their sporting knowledge. In teams of three, they have to answer hard-hitting questions such as: "which of these three sports people’s wives charges the most for perfume?" Or, "can you arrange David James’ haircuts in chronological order?"

In the final round, one of the teammates tries to sustain a physical task whilst the other two answer as many questions as they can, before their teammate admits defeat.

Romesh Ranganathan gets double recommission from the BBC

Misadventures sees Ranganathan travel to some unusual tourist destinations and challenge his preconceived ideas and stereotypes of the countries and the people that live there, whilst finding some hidden gems along the way. Across the three new parts, he will be travelling to Uganda, Rwanda and Madagascar on an adventure through central Africa.

The new episodes of Misinvestigations cover the shooting of hip hop star Tupac Shakur, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of Sex Pistols Bassist Sid Vicious.

Romesh Ranganathan and Katherine Ryan couple up for new Sky comedy Romantic Getaway

Over six parts, Romantic Getaway will follow Alison (Ryan) and Deacon's (Ranganathan) desperate attempts to conceive. After countless IVF failures, they begin to wrestle with the idea that it might not happen.

But when they run out of money to afford more rounds, and the pressure mounts on their relationship, they resort to stealing.

Romesh Ranganathan pens new comedy series Avoidance for BBC One

Romesh Ranganathan (credit: BBC/Alan Peebles)

Created alongside Benjamin Green (An Idiot Abroad), who also directs the series, Ranganathan leads Avoidance as Jonathan, a man with severe conflict avoidance issues whose life revolves around his nine-year-old son Spencer.

Having always deferred any decision, big or small, to his partner Claire (Jessica Knappett, Ghosts), Jonathan is finally forced to face conflict when Claire asks him to leave. With no home, no friends and no ambition, Jonathan has only one goal: to preserve his son’s happiness in the wake of his parents’ break-up.

Amelia Dimoldenberg to makeover stars in Celebrity Rebrand

Credit: Channel 4

The satirical comedy series will see Channel 4 ask comedian, creator and star of Chicken Shop Date, Amelia Dimoldenberg, to help change the public perception of some of their biggest stars by giving them a total rebrand. 

The six-part series will see the celebrity guests undertake a series of unexpected brand exercises to help them connect to a wider audience, but to the celebrities’ horror, they unfortunately backfire. 

Inside King Gary series two

It’s been a year since we saw “geezer diva” Gary King (played by co-creator and co-writer Tom Davis) attempt to take over his father’s building business and stay a doting father and loving partner, all the while appointing himself as the central figure of Butterchurn Crescent.

Centred on an alpha male who lacks the alpha-ness the role requires, the layered sitcom spoke volumes about modern-day masculinity, the working class, new money and family dynamics.

King Gary Preview and Q&A

Co-creators Tom Davis and James De Frond, along with cast members Laura Checkley, Romesh Ranganathan and Camille Coduri, join journalist Boyd Hilton for this in-depth discussion into the making of the second series of King Gary, filled with clips and stories from the show.

Romesh Ranganathan to host new series of Weakest Link

Romesh Ranganathan (Credit: BBC)

The quick-fire general knowledge quiz will put celebrities’ minds to the test, as they battle against each other until only two players remain and a winner is crowned. 

Ranganathan will be taking his own unique presenting style and put the celebrities under pressure, as they attempt to avoid being eliminated and win money for their chosen charity.