Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones, Judi Love and Katherine Ryan unite for new Comedy Central game show

Katherine Ryan, Rosie Jones, Judi Love stand side by side

Jones will task teams of celebrities led by captains Katherine Ryan and Judi Love with finding out which of 'Rosie's Regulars', a group of unapologetic but endearing members of the public, are 'Out of Order'.

In a series of rounds, they'll be given a revealing category such as 'Who sends the most messages to their mum?' or 'Who's had the most one-night stands?', and they'll have to rank the Regulars from least to most.

The final round will involve a role reversal as one of the Regulars will judge Rosie and the celebrity teams in an attempt to win a cash prize.

Channel 4 commissions new comedy created by and starring Rosie Jones

Jones stars as Emily, a young woman who has lost her state benefits after being made redundant. She is highly educated, hilarious and quick witted, but she also has very little left to lose, and so building an illegal drugs empire seems like the natural next step.

Emily’s cerebral palsy works in her favour; all her life people have been overlooking her and pretending she’s not there, and now this means her new business flies completely under the radar. Her disability becomes the perfect disguise.

Channel 4 commissions three projects by comedian Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones (credit: Channel 4)

The entertainment travelogue series Trip Hazard will return for a second series, with Jones being joined by more famous companions to explore the unlikeliest of destinations and experience the unusual, quirky, and bizarre activities on offer at each location. The supersized series will offer longer episodes packed with Rosie and her celebrity friends creating mischief and getting stuck in with the locals.  

Amelia Dimoldenberg to makeover stars in Celebrity Rebrand

Credit: Channel 4

The satirical comedy series will see Channel 4 ask comedian, creator and star of Chicken Shop Date, Amelia Dimoldenberg, to help change the public perception of some of their biggest stars by giving them a total rebrand. 

The six-part series will see the celebrity guests undertake a series of unexpected brand exercises to help them connect to a wider audience, but to the celebrities’ horror, they unfortunately backfire. 

The Last Leg returns for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Credit: Channel 4

After the pandemic delayed the Tokyo Paralympic Games for a year, Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe will present The Last Leg of Tokyo live every day at 10pm on Channel 4.

The trio will report from the BT Studios in the heart of the London Olympic Village in Stratford, discussing the biggest news and sporting stories of the day. 

Comedian Rosie Jones, who originally started her TV career as a researcher for The Last Leg during the 2016 Paralympic Games, will act as a roving reporter. 

Rosie Jones and Deborah Williams question where the disabled people are in TV

If you want some light reading, please do not dip into the Creative Diversity Network’s recent report, “Diamond: The Fourth Cut”. The statistics are grim, particularly when it comes to disability. According to the report, the UK TV industry has “urgent” work to do on disability representation, both on- and off-screen. This is an understatement of monumental proportions.

Channel 4 commissions new travelogue series with Rosie Jones

Exploring the UK in all its eccentric glory, Jones will set out to prove the power of minority and a good sense of humour over a big budget when it comes to travel.

Semi-scripted, the series begins with Jones having to abandon her global, luxurious travel plans, before convincing Channel 4 to adapt conceptually to Covid-19 and its constraints.

Instead, each episode a celebrity guest will join Jones in a different location within the UK, sniffing out adventures in both the city and the country.

Rosie Jones’s TV diary

Rosie Jones on stage at the Funny Women Awards 2016 (Credit: Funny Women Ltd.)

This week, like most weeks, has been a little busy. And when I say, “a little busy”, I mean rushed-off-my-feet-no-time-to-sleep busy. I mean, is sleep really necessary?

I’m thinking, no, not really. Apart from the Bags for Life under my eyes, I am really happy, and every morning I wake up with a smile on my face. I still can’t believe that I get paid to make people laugh. I am living the dream.