Daniel Sloss: Finding comedy in chaos

“I understand my comedy isn’t for everyone, I would never want to be a comedian that appealed to everyone,” admits the Scottish comedian.

Describing his sense of humour as a “darkness”, Sloss often questions offensive comedy in his stand up. “My intention is never to offend…you’re choosing to be offended.”

“I don’t enjoy truly offending anyone, I’m still growing and learning. [But] there is a level of narcissism to being offended by comedy that I am jealous of. You go to a comedian’s show and sit there and think, ‘is this about me?’, that’s all being offended is.”

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan returns for a final series

Ranganathan first began his misadventures when his producers challenged him to step out of his holiday comfort zone back in 2018, where he travelled to Haiti. Through three series of The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, he has travelled to some of the most naturally beautiful, but sometimes misunderstood places including Bosnia, Zimbabwe and Columbia.

Mawaan Rizwan’s Juice to return for a second instalment

Mawaan Rizwan stands in front of a black backdrop, arms spread wide and mouth open in shock. 'Juice' is written in yellow text next to him

The sitcom was created by and stars Mawaan Rizwan as Jamma, as he tries to get noticed in all aspects of life. His brother Isaac (Nabhaan Rizwan) has been outshining him at work, which is the only thing Jamma feels any good at. Meanwhile, mum Farida (Shahnaz Rizwan) only cares about one thing: herself. Some comfort comes in the form of Jamma’s boyfriend Guy (Russell Tovey), but that often isn’t enough to stop the world sliding into an bizarre alternate reality. 

Bridget Christie’s menopause comedy-drama The Change commissioned for a second series

Bridget Christie as Linda stood in the forest with an elaborate headdress

Written and created by Bridget Christie (Taskmaster), the comedy-drama follows 50-year-old Linda Jane Jenkins (Christie), who embarks on a pilgrimage to Gloucestershire after learning she has started the menopause. Linda finds solace in the forest, where she meets a host of interesting characters, from the Pig Man (Jerome Flynn) to the Verderer (Jim Howick). The community rally around the Eel Festival, where Linda is crowned the Eel Queen.

BBC orders second series of RTS Award-winning comedy Dreaming Whilst Black

Salmon (Chivalry) stars in the series as Kwabena, a recruiter with big dreams of being a filmmaker. Loosely inspired by Salmon’s life, Kwabena embarks on a series of opportunities trying to get his start in film, whilst also paying rent, dealing with love, and battling his own daydreams.

Channel 4 commissions new comedy created by and starring Rosie Jones

Jones stars as Emily, a young woman who has lost her state benefits after being made redundant. She is highly educated, hilarious and quick witted, but she also has very little left to lose, and so building an illegal drugs empire seems like the natural next step.

Emily’s cerebral palsy works in her favour; all her life people have been overlooking her and pretending she’s not there, and now this means her new business flies completely under the radar. Her disability becomes the perfect disguise.