Daniel Sloss: Finding comedy in chaos

“I understand my comedy isn’t for everyone, I would never want to be a comedian that appealed to everyone,” admits the Scottish comedian.

Describing his sense of humour as a “darkness”, Sloss often questions offensive comedy in his stand up. “My intention is never to offend…you’re choosing to be offended.”

“I don’t enjoy truly offending anyone, I’m still growing and learning. [But] there is a level of narcissism to being offended by comedy that I am jealous of. You go to a comedian’s show and sit there and think, ‘is this about me?’, that’s all being offended is.”

The Crown: Deconstructing the Coronation

The lavish ten-part Netflix series became another outstanding triumph for writer Peter Morgan and a distinguished team . Critics noted a “startling attention to detail in everything from costumes to sets” and thought it hard to see how it could be better.

The show set out to tell the inside story of the most famous addresses in the world, Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street, and it did just that, exploring the intrigues, love lives and machinations of post-war Britain.

Netflix releases teaser for adaptation of generation-spanning magical realist novel One Hundred Years of Solitude

A man stands behind a boy, as something shiny off-camera illuminates his face

The 16-part series will follow the multi-generational story of José Arcadio Buendía and Úrsula Iguarán’s family. When the two cousins wed against their families’ wishes, the two set out to establish a new town. Macondo plays host to future generations of Buendías, who live through love, madness and war.

The programme was shot in Colombia entirely in Spanish, with the support of García Márquez’s family. Claudio Cataño (A Thousand Fangs) appears in the teaser as the adult version of Colonel Aureliano Buendía.

Broadchurch creator to adapt Agatha Christie’s The Seven Dials Mystery for Netflix

Together with Chibnall’s screenwriting, Suzanne Mackie (The Crown) will executive produce the series with Good Omens’  Chris Sussman. Chris Sweeney (The Tourist, Back to Life) will direct.

There is no word on how closely the team will adapt the book, as recent adaptions of Agatha Christie’s work have opted to update the material for modern audiences.

RTS North West students learn the rule of three from industry experts

A crowd of people in front of a panel, being held in Dock10 Studios MediaCity UK

“Get three takeaways from each discussion. Set yourself three skills to develop. Make three meaningful contacts.” This advice came from host Beth Hewitt, welcoming students to RTS North West’s Student Networking Day.

First up was a panel discussion, “Hidden roles in TV production”. Katie Bayman, with “one of the coolest jobs in TV”, according to session chair Lyndon Saunders, is a virtual studio developer.

Upper crust crims – working with Guy Ritchie on Netflix’s The Gentlemen

A group of people stand in black tie formalwear holding umbrellas, looking sombre

Guy Ritchie’s debut film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, was a huge commercial hit, a British cockney geezer take on Tarantino that, for good or bad, set the template for laddish Brit movies.

The director is now returning to the world of gangsters but this time for the small screen, reimagining his 2019 movie, the crime action comedy The Gentlemen, for Netflix.