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Netflix adds Sarah Lancashire and Ben Whishaw to spy thriller Black Doves

Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean) stars as Helen Webb – devoted mother, wife, and spy. For years Webb has been leaking her politician husband’s government secrets to her spy organisation, The Black Doves. When Webb’s lover Jason is suspiciously murdered, she turns to an old friend, Sam Young (Whishaw) – an assassin whose dark past is swiftly catching up with him. 

Set against a backdrop of London in full Christmas swing, the two begin solving the murder, uncovering a web of conspiracies in the process that all lead towards an impending geopolitical crisis. 

Ben Whishaw to star in This is Going to Hurt adaptation

Ben Whishaw and Adam Kay (Credit: BBC)

Whishaw will play the on-screen version of Kay, who also adapted the memoir for TV, which will explore what it means to be a good doctor in a system that is buckling under pressure from all angles.

Kay created the memoir using his diaries which were written in secret after sleepless nights and hectic days, giving the honest truth of what it means to be a doctor working in obstetrics and gynaecology.

The series sees Whishaw playing Kay, a doctor suffering from 97-hour work weeks, while making life and death decisions and dealing with surmounting pressure and responsibility.

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The show ended in revelatory fashion this week on BBC 2. Written by Tom Rob Smith, it tells the story of Danny, played by Ben Whishaw (James Bond), who falls in love with a mysterious man, Alex (Edward Holcroft – Kingsman: The Secret Service, Wolf Hall.) After Alex disappears Danny begins to look into the life of his partner, revealing a twisted tale of murder, betrayal and espionage. A fantastic supporting cast including Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling enhance this tense thriller.