Two new Nordic noirs to be added to BBC iPlayer

End of Summer stars Julia Ragnarsson, who Swedish thriller fans may recognise from The Bridge. The series begins in 1984, on the disappearance of a five-year-old boy named Billy that devastates his family.

20 years later, a chance meeting between Billy’s sister Vera (Ragnarsson) and a strangely familiar man (Erik Enge, The Sandhamn Murders), leads her to question the truth surrounding the case.

Saltburn star in first look images for Channel 4’s The Gathering

Morgan and Soverall play Kelly and Jessica, two competitive teen gymnasts growing up in Liverpool. Although Kelly is on her way to high-class competitions, she feels more at home with a group of urban free runners, who help her escape the world of gymnast-mums and strict schedules.

When Kelly and Jessica attend an illegal rave on a small tidal island, Kelly is assaulted and the drama moves into a whodunnit. 

BBC releases first-look images of Joe Cole-led real time thriller Nightsleeper

Joe Cole as Joe Roag looks out of a train carriage while on the phone, looking stressed

Over six episodes, the show follows two people trying to foil the hacking of an overnight train from Glasgow to London in real time. The pair have never met, and will need to overcome mutual distrust to work together, not least because one of them is trapped on the train.

Stars from Bridgerton, Bodyguard and Showtrial in first look images for The Red King

The six-part series stars Anjli Mohindra (Bodyguard) as Grace Narayan, a once successful police sergeant who has been forced into a “punishment post” on an obscure and sequestered island. When Narayan begins investigating the unsolved case of a missing teenager, what at first glance appears as a gritty police thriller, drifts into folk horror upon the unearthing of a bygone cult called True Way. Narayan comes to realise the cult, and its dedication to pagan god the ‘Red King’, are not as confined to the island’s past as it first appears.

Joe Cole and Alexandra Roach to lead new BBC thriller Nightsleeper

Headshots of Alexandra Roach and Joe Cole

The real time drama takes place on the Heart of Britain service, a train running from Glasgow to London. A government agency closely monitors and desperately attempts to intervene on the sleeper train’s rapidly accelerating events. Two strangers (Roach and Cole), one on the train and one not, are forced to work together to ensure the diverse group of passengers aren’t journeying towards their final ever destination.

Mystery-thriller After the Flood starring Sophie Rundle commissioned by ITV

When a man is found dead in an underground car park after a horrific flood, police suspect he simply drowned. PC Joanna Marshall, played by Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders), leads an investigation seeking to determine if more sinister foul play was at hand.

The show examines the effects of the flood on the town’s community, uncovering secrets, damaging reputations, and threatening some resident’s fortunes.

Sky and Peacock partner for thrilling new original drama based on The Day of the Jackal

Originally a novel by Frederick Forsyth, the TV series will be inspired by the novel and 1973 film adaptation.

The original drama will stay true to the novel and film, but further explore the tricky anti-hero at the heart of the story. 

The drama follows a professional assassin who is given a contract by a French dissident paramilitary organisation to kill the French president. 

A high stakes cat and mouse game will see the characters travel around the world in a geo-political landscape that represents our turbulent times. 

BBC announces thriller The Following Events Are Based On A Pack Of Lies

Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Alistair Petrie and Rebekah Staton (Credit: BBC)

The unconventional five-part thriller comes from writers Penelope Skinner and Ginny Skinner, with Robbie McKillop and Nicole Charles directing. 

The series follows the complicated relationship between two very different women and the conman that binds them together in a dark, funny thriller filled with half-truths and staggering lies. 

Cheryl (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is a famous fantasy fiction author, who now lives alone with her poodle Goblin after a recent bereavement.