BBC releases first-look images of Joe Cole-led real time thriller Nightsleeper

Joe Cole as Joe Roag looks out of a train carriage while on the phone, looking stressed

Over six episodes, the show follows two people trying to foil the hacking of an overnight train from Glasgow to London in real time. The pair have never met, and will need to overcome mutual distrust to work together, not least because one of them is trapped on the train.

Joe Cole and Alexandra Roach to lead new BBC thriller Nightsleeper

Headshots of Alexandra Roach and Joe Cole

The real time drama takes place on the Heart of Britain service, a train running from Glasgow to London. A government agency closely monitors and desperately attempts to intervene on the sleeper train’s rapidly accelerating events. Two strangers (Roach and Cole), one on the train and one not, are forced to work together to ensure the diverse group of passengers aren’t journeying towards their final ever destination.