BBC commissions new comedies starring David Mitchell, Michelle De Swarte and more

Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy for the BBC, announced the slate during a speech at the BBC’s Comedy Festival in Cardiff. He said: “It’s no exaggeration to say that British Comedy is hugely important to television and the national cultural landscape. It is a public service and needed now more than ever.

Natasha Lyonne’s Poker Face comes to Sky and NOW TV

The series stars Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll) as Charlie Cale, a casino worker with an extraordinary ability to immediately detect lies when she hears them.

After Charlie is forced to go on the run from the casino, the series operates in a “case of the week” format, with each episode presenting a new murder mystery she can’t help but solve.

Sky and Peacock partner for thrilling new original drama based on The Day of the Jackal

Originally a novel by Frederick Forsyth, the TV series will be inspired by the novel and 1973 film adaptation.

The original drama will stay true to the novel and film, but further explore the tricky anti-hero at the heart of the story. 

The drama follows a professional assassin who is given a contract by a French dissident paramilitary organisation to kill the French president. 

A high stakes cat and mouse game will see the characters travel around the world in a geo-political landscape that represents our turbulent times.