Diane Morgan

Philomena Cunk to search for meaning of life in new BBC mockumentary

Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk stands in a church while gazing upwards

Cunk's Quest for Meaning will see the fictional "pioneering documentary-maker", played by Morgan, attempt to answer the ultimate question: "What's the point of it all?"

Humans have been searching for the meaning of life since the dawn of consciousness, but amid the growing dangers of the climate crisis and AI, the search has become increasingly desperate.

BBC commissions new comedies starring David Mitchell, Michelle De Swarte and more

Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy for the BBC, announced the slate during a speech at the BBC’s Comedy Festival in Cardiff. He said: “It’s no exaggeration to say that British Comedy is hugely important to television and the national cultural landscape. It is a public service and needed now more than ever.

Philomena Cunk to return to BBC Two with new series Cunk On Earth

Cunk on Earth will see Cunk (played by comedian Diane Morgan) attempt to demystify human civilisation and discover humankind’s greatest achievements.

Cunk will explore the arts and sciences that have enriched the world from the beginning of recorded history: from great inventions like the wheel to masterpieces of art like the Mona Lisa and mind-altering concepts like enlightenment and nuclear power.

She will also be visiting significant sights and asking experts big questions about society’s progress.

Diane Morgan’s comedy Mandy to return for a second series

Diane Morgan as Mandy (credit: BBC)

Written, directed by and starring Diane Morgan (Motherland) in the titular role, the series follows Mandy, a woman with big dreams of becoming a Doberman pincher dog breeder.

As Mandy attempts to find fulfilment in a series of short-lived jobs in the modern-day gig economy, she tries her hand at everything from going on a reality show to becoming a tour guide and learning to swim.

BBC Two comedy Mandy announces cast

(credit: BBC)

The comedy series follows Mandy: a woman with huge dreams, namely breeding Doberman Pinchers. From dodgy Airbnb rentals to surviving short-lived employment in the gig economy, she grapples with overcoming the struggles of modern life.

The six-part series will see Morgan joined by a regular cast comprised of Michelle Greenidge (After Life), Alistair Green (Flowers), Mark Silcox (Man Like Mobeen) and Michael Spicer (The Mash Report).