The Gathering

Saltburn star in first look images for Channel 4’s The Gathering

Morgan and Soverall play Kelly and Jessica, two competitive teen gymnasts growing up in Liverpool. Although Kelly is on her way to high-class competitions, she feels more at home with a group of urban free runners, who help her escape the world of gymnast-mums and strict schedules.

When Kelly and Jessica attend an illegal rave on a small tidal island, Kelly is assaulted and the drama moves into a whodunnit. 

Channel 4 drama commissioning editor on the broadcaster’s remit

Gwawr Lloyd sits with her hands clasped together

Lloyd gave an in-depth look into the commissioning process, from the significance of producers – “one of the most important relationships a writer will have is with a producer” – to the time a show spends in development: “On average, [it’s] three to four years before it hits the screen.”

Channel 4’s remit was key, said Lloyd: “[Our shows] need to deliver on so many fronts… inclusivity, regionality, [they should] be revelatory, funny, have something to say… We do need to tick all those boxes, because that’s what makes us different from every other channel.”