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Filming begins as David Mitchell turns reluctant sleuth in comedy-drama Ludwig

David Mitchell, in character as John ‘Ludwig’ Taylor, stands on a bridge in Cambridge, behind which is the famous Bridge of Sighs

Each hour-long episode follows Mitchell’s character, John Taylor, as he assumes the identity of his missing twin brother James in an effort to track him down. A shut-in with no spouse or kids, John has his work cut out for him pretending to be James, the busy Detective Chief Inspector heading up Cambridge’s inner-city major crimes unit.

Thankfully, John has his experience designing puzzles under the pseudonym ‘Ludwig’. Will his brother’s disappearance prove a mystery too cryptic?

Six low-budget Halloween costumes to steal from TV shows

Hands with painted nails hold open an empty wallet

The Blues Brothers – from Uncle, Series 2 Episode 4, ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’


Comedian Nick Helm shone in the titular role of this BBC Three fan favourite. In the show’s only Halloween episode, Andy King and nephew Errol don the iconic hat, suit and glasses from 1980s classic The Blues Brothers.

Jesse Armstrong: venom-spitting nice guy

Just a fortnight after a universally acclaimed finale brought Succession to a triumphant conclusion, one might have expected the showrunner of HBO’s mega hit to be enjoying some well-earned R&R, perhaps chartering a yacht in the French Riviera, or retreating to a mansion in the Hollywood hills.

Instead, Jesse Armstrong could be found attending a rally in arguably the least relaxing place on Earth, plonked, during a heatwave, between M&M’s, Wetherspoons and the giant Odeon in the visceral nightmare that is Leicester Square.

Comfort Classic: Peep Show

To create a successful sitcom is one of the most difficult tasks in the TV firmament. To create a successful British sitcom that survives for 12 years, nine series and 54 episodes is staggering.

Unlike in the US, producers rarely have writers rooms on this side of the Atlantic, where teams of wordsmiths endlessly hone scripts to keep a show up and running. Remember, Fawlty Towers closed its doors after just two six-part series.

This week's best on demand TV

Catastrophe (Credit: Channel 4)

1. Catastrophe

Available on All4

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's acerbic comedy about a couple who get pregnant after a one-week-stand was one of this year's funniest new sitcoms. The second series has just started on Channel 4, and it's just as sharp, vulgar, and uproariously funny as the first. In the opening two episodes, the pair are adjusting to family life - and try to rekindle their romance with an ill-fated minibreak to Paris.


Fonejacker star Kayvan Novak to present Channel 4 news spoof

Fonejacker writer and star Kayvan Novak has been commissioned to present spoof news bulletins under the working title Britain Today, Tonight.

The comedian will be disguised as a range of personalities including politicians and an American news anchor. He will also spend part of the new show winding up members of the public and pulling pranks on celebrities and politicians.