This week's best on demand TV

This week's best on demand TV

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Catastrophe (Credit: Channel 4)
Catastrophe (Credit: Channel 4)

Catch up with the best programmes on iPlayer, Netflix, ITV Player, All4 and beyond

1. Catastrophe

Available on All4

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's acerbic comedy about a couple who get pregnant after a one-week-stand was one of this year's funniest new sitcoms. The second series has just started on Channel 4, and it's just as sharp, vulgar, and uproariously funny as the first. In the opening two episodes, the pair are adjusting to family life - and try to rekindle their romance with an ill-fated minibreak to Paris.


Sanjeev Bhaskar and Nicola Walker in Unforgotten (Credit: ITV)

2. Unforgotten

Available on ITV Player

This brilliantly-cast, finely-crafted drama stars Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Bernard Hill and Trevor Eve. A police-based crime drama with moving, absorbing human stories and great depth of character, it came to a close this week, with an ending that has divided viewers' satisfaction levels.


A male Parson's chameleon in Madagascar, with its insect prey (Credit: BBC Pictures)

3. The Hunt

Available on BBC iPlayer

This marvellous documentary series from David Attenborough has been a treat so far, as it has observed the hunting habits of predators the world over. Astounding footage and expert commentary proves, once again, that the natural world is as tense, gripping, and utterly absorbing as any drama series. 



Ed Holcroft and Ben Whishaw in London Spy (Credit: BBC)

4. London Spy

Available on BBC iPlayer

This eerie spy thriller might not fill the shoes of Spooks, but is certainly an engaging watch, as Danny (Ben Whishaw) meets Alex (Ed Holcroft) on a night out, and the two begin a relationship, only for Danny to find Alex dead, and discover he's not who he said he was. Episode one is available on iPlayer now.



David Mitchell, Tim Key and Robert Webb in Peep Show
(Credit: Channel 4)

5. Peep Show

Available on All4

Returning after a three-year break for a ninth, final run, this critically-acclaimed cult comedy opened earlier this week to rave reviews, as Jez and Mark were reunited for Super Hans's stag do.

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