Patrick Holland

TV predictions for 2024 with Ash Atalla, Evan Shapiro, Claire Enders, Patrick Holland and Dan Clays

What does 2024 hold for the TV industry? Hosted by Katie Prescott, panellists Claire Enders, Dan Clays, Ash Atalla, Patrick Holland and Evan Shapiro discuss their 2024 TV predictions at an RTS event, from freelancing, to viewing habits, to the effects of geopolitical events and AI.


BBC Two controller Patrick Holland shares his vision for the channel

Patrick Holland (Credit: Jon Craig)

“We’ve seen big audience demands for shows on iPlayer after their initial TV release. You can’t judge numbers on the overnights anymore. We don’t aim for a focused demographic. It has to appeal to the whole audience and there needs to be a big sense of purpose that shines through,” added Holland, who was interviewed by RTS West of England Chair Lynn Barlow at the Everyman Cinema in Bristol.

Channel 4 News' Jon Snow hits out at social media giant Facebook

The Channel 4 News anchor called for journalists and their recruiters to leave their bubble in order to widen the awareness and understanding of people outside the media elite.

Snow said that the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy had exposed a shameful lack in awareness of issues facing those on lower incomes.

In a moving speech, Snow spoke of the guilt he felt when confronted by the survivors of the Grenfell disaster who asked broadcasters “where were you? Why didn’t you come here before?”