Laura Kuenssberg to delve into political chaos for new BBC Two documentary series

As the BBC's political editor from 2015 to 2022, Kuenssberg held a ringside seat for the Brexit referendum, the pandemic, and all the resignations, elections and prorogations the UK has seen throughout the years.

This new series will see her take a look back at the toxicity of the period, both in public and behind the political scenes, and offer her own reflections.

Stephen O’Donnell: Our Friend in Scotland

Stephen O’Donnell

I’m still trying to process all the excitement of the past few weeks north of the border. Not only has the temperature climbed above 10°C for the first time this year, and, as incredible as Scotland’s historic 2-0 victory over the might of Spain was, one thing dominated the headlines – politics.

After the best part of 10 years of relative stability in the Scottish political landscape, Nicola Sturgeon sent newsrooms across Scotland into a frenzy by announcing her resignation as leader of the SNP and as Scotland’s First Minister.

Channel 4 commissions Make Me Prime Minister

Everyone has opinions on how our politicians run the country, and comments are often made that we could do a better job. However, who really has what it takes to run the country and get people to stay loyal to you as you rise to the top?

In the six-part series, 12 ordinary people with strong opinions that span across the political spectrum will put their skills to the test to see if they can survive in the vicious world of politics.

Piers Morgan on differing opinions, Trump and I'm a Celebrity

Piers Morgan and Christine Lampard (Credit: RTS/Richard Kendal)


Christine Lampard: Do you wake in the morning and decide what you want to rant about that day?


Piers Morgan: I used to run a daily paper. And the whole point of it was that, every morning, if you’re running a newsroom with 400 people, you have to get them going with your opinions.

So I think it was always in my DNA to be hugely opinionated about absolutely everything. I try to work myself into indignant rages on most subjects.

'I am one vegan sausage-roll wrap from being fired'