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Piers Morgan on differing opinions, Trump and I'm a Celebrity

Piers Morgan and Christine Lampard (Credit: RTS/Richard Kendal)


Christine Lampard: Do you wake in the morning and decide what you want to rant about that day?


Piers Morgan: I used to run a daily paper. And the whole point of it was that, every morning, if you’re running a newsroom with 400 people, you have to get them going with your opinions.

So I think it was always in my DNA to be hugely opinionated about absolutely everything. I try to work myself into indignant rages on most subjects.

'I am one vegan sausage-roll wrap from being fired'

Netflix announce seven new commissions from the Obamas' production company

The range of programmes features a children's series about food around the world, a series shining a light on remarkable people whose deaths were not reported on and a film adaptation of David W. Blight's novel Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom.

The commissions also include documentaries exploring America's disability rights movement, and the story of a Chinese billionaire who faces problems opening a factory in a post-industrial Ohio.