The Rig

Martin Compston to star in new skincrawling thriller for Prime Video

A 4x4 grid of headshots of, clockwise from top left, Solly McLeod, Martin Compston, Maureen Beattie, James Cosmo, Anneika Rose, Anjli Mohindra, Bhav Joshi and Daniel Portman

When Martyn and Rebecca up sticks for Glasgow, they think they’ve finally managed to escape London, two young children in tow. However, when new neighbour Jen makes unsettling remarks to Rebecca, the couple start to question if the fresh start is as idyllic as they first thought.

The show will star Martin Compston (Line of Duty) as Martyn, Anjli Mohindra (The Sarah Jane Adventures) as Rebecca and Solly McLeod as Jan (The Dead Don’t Hurt).

Stephen O’Donnell: Our Friend in Scotland

Stephen O’Donnell

I’m still trying to process all the excitement of the past few weeks north of the border. Not only has the temperature climbed above 10°C for the first time this year, and, as incredible as Scotland’s historic 2-0 victory over the might of Spain was, one thing dominated the headlines – politics.

After the best part of 10 years of relative stability in the Scottish political landscape, Nicola Sturgeon sent newsrooms across Scotland into a frenzy by announcing her resignation as leader of the SNP and as Scotland’s First Minister.

Martin Compston, Iain Glen and Emily Hampshire in the first look trailer of Prime Video’s supernatural thriller The Rig

Rose (Emily Hampshire), Magnus (Iain Glen) and Fulmer (Martin Compston) are among an oil rig crew 150 miles off the Scottish coast in the unpredictable and dangerous North Sea. While the crew are waiting to be collected to return to the mainland, the Kinloch Bravo rig is hit by huge tremors and encompassed by a supernatural mist, which leaves them deserted at sea with no communication to the outside world.