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The making of Channel 4's A Day in the Life of Coronavirus Britain

Candour Productions creative director Anna Hall was talking about making Channel 4 film A Day in the Life of Coronavirus Britain at an RTS Yorkshire webinar in early June.

The Leeds-based indie planned the doc in two and a half weeks – and shot and edited it in just three days.

It was a ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants’ experience,” recalled Hall. “We had nine people shooting across the country and the biggest team ever of people sitting in their pyjamas at their kitchen tables producing.”

RTS Yorkshire Student Awards 2020

Credit: Paul Harness

The main awards were shared around the region, with the University of Leeds winning the Comedy and Entertainment prize for Jinrun Han and David Oloko’s film Dad Joke Syndrome and the News category for Katya Fowler’s report on the dangers of consuming liquorice, It Takes All Sorts.

Leeds Art University took home the Animation prize for Filipa Santos, Cara Jeal and Haraldur Pétursson’s film Not Alone, while Sheffield Hallam University students Anastasia Shilovich, Amelia Blee and Peter Simison won the Drama award with Beneath My Skin.

Amar Latif delivers speech championing exploration and creativity when facing adversity

Amar Latif and Glyn Middleton (Credit: Joe Greenough)

The Glasgow-born, Yorkshire-based entrepreneur, who lost his sight at the age of 18, runs Traveleyes, a company that takes blind and partially sighted travellers on action-packed holidays around the world.