The Galaxy Britain Built - The British talent behind Star Wars, Screening and Q&A (Norwich)

Star Wars is a global phenomenon.

The Galaxy Britain Built tells the story of British artists, designers and filmmakers who worked on it, and reveals the secrets of the creation of some of the most famous costumes, props and sets in movie history.

RTS East invites you to this very special screening of The Galaxy Britain Built hosted by BBC Look East presenter and Star Wars Superfan, David Whiteley. We are delighted that the screening will be followed by a Q&A session with legendary Film Producer, Robert Watts.

A celebration and screening of 63 Up

“Give me the child for the first seven years and I will show you the man.” Inspired by this Jesuit motto, the Up series began in 1964, following a group of people drawn from startlingly different backgrounds who have allowed television cameras to drop into their lives at seven-year intervals ever since.

Led by director Michael Apted throughout the decades, this acclaimed series has now reached 63 Up, providing an illuminating perspective on whether or not the course of our adult lives is set by our earliest influences and the social class in which we’re raised.

BBC announces one-off documentary Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen

Credit: BBC

The documentary will include never before seen home movies of the Queen filmed by members of the Royal Family.

Viewers will see private and intimate moments of the Queen as a young girl through her own eyes and words as she grew up and throughout her reign.

To accompany the release of the documentary, three new images of a young princess Elizabeth have been revealed.

The Royal Family have been filming themselves from the 1920s and over the decades those home-made recordings have added up.

ITV commissions People Vs Post Office: The Real Story

The film will be an accompaniment to the four-part drama coming to ITV next year and will give exclusive access to campaigner Alan Bates.

Bates has rigorously campaigned for nearly 20 years to uncover and expose the scandal that has been described as the most widespread miscarriage of justice in the British legal history. 

Over 14 years, the Post Office accused hundreds of sub postmasters of theft, over 700 were given criminal convictions and many went to prison, ruining livelihoods and destroying reputations. 

BBC Three announces mental health documentary with James Arthur

The incredibly personal documentary, James Arthur: Out of Our Minds (working title), will take place in the Northeast where Arthur grew up and has returned to after many years living in London.

Middlesbrough born singer Arthur will be open up about his mental health problems and issues he has had with antidepressants as he prepares to go out on tour. 

A government review discovered that 7.3 million, around 17% of the adult population are taking anti-depressants.

Channel 4 announces new documentary Football’s Coming Out

Credit: Channel 4

The digital documentary will explore why there are still barriers for top footballers being openly LGBTQ+, with many Premier League football players often experiencing numerous challenges if they come out publicly.

Produced by Bullion Productions, the documentary will show the pressure players face if they decide to come out and the reaction that invokes from other players, fans, press, social media and financial donors. 

Archive footage will be used to show what previously happened in historical case studies and how that has changed over time. 

David Baddiel to present documentary on the effects of social media

Credit: BBC

Writer, comedian and self-confessed Twitter addict David Baddiel is exploring the impact social media has on people’s behaviour both on and offline. 

Baddiel recognises that there are positive reasons to use social media such as revolutionising communication, pushing social change forward and highlighting important issues.

However, there are also negatives to these platforms and areas where outrage and angry exchanges dominate.

Channel 4 commissions hard-hitting documentary What Killed the Whale?

Credit: Channel 4

Produced by STV Studios, the special will involve a critical investigation into why more and more whales are being washed up and dying along the UK’s shores. 

Since 1990, 12,000 stranded cetaceans have been recorded in the UK and explorer and biologist Al-Shamahi, is on a mission to find out why that is happening and who or what is to blame. 

How much of an impact do pollution, fishing, ship strikes and other human activity have on the dire crisis?

Voltage TV's Sanjay Singhal gives a masterclass in documentaries

The 9/11 attacks happened during his final week and were a “traumatic and colossal story”, he said. “After that, I sort of felt I’d done it all – where else would you go in the world of news?”

Over the following 20 years, first at Dragonfly Film and TV, where he became MD, and then at his own indie, Voltage TV, Singhal has made high-profile docs. In The Plane Crash, which became a worldwide hit, a Boeing 737 was deliberately crashed into the Mexican desert.