Channel 4 commissions documentary Training Teachers to Kill

(Credit: Channel 4)

Training Teachers to Kill shines a light on the very real debate taking place in the US today, where school boards are considering arming teachers to protect students from future gun attacks.

Featured is Butler County Ohio, where the debate is raging due to a devastating mass shooting that took place there two years ago. The documentary will see the town’s Sheriff putting up billboards in an effort to persuade the community to arm teachers.

Rethinking Barbie: new documentary takes a fresh look at the icon

Caroline Frost, Andrea Nevins and Kim Culmore (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

Some feminists might choke at the idea that the highly controversial Barbie doll was actually invented by an ardent feminist. This was one of many fascinating insights to emerge from an RTS event devoted to a new feature-length documentary Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie.

The film examines the changing face of Barbie from a feminist – and occasionally anthropological – perspective since the doll’s debut in 1959.

RTS Student Masterclasses: Documentary with Brian Woods and Katie Rice

The duo were in conversation with Alex Graham, joint chief executive of Two Cities Television, who argued that True Vision “takes on the really important subjects, whether that’s poverty or human rights or inequality, but in a way that takes you directly into the heart of the human stories”.

The Mighty Redcar: Journey to forgotten Britain

Tom Pearson, participant in The Mighty Redcar (Credit: BBC)

A small town on the north-east coast of England found itself trending on social media in the wake of a landmark factual series for BBC Two.

The Mighty Redcar, a four-part documentary made by 72 Films, won praise for its uplifting depiction of young people enduring the challenges of life in a northern town blighted by the closure of its steelworks, and for the series’ distinctive 1980s soundtrack.

W announces new documentary exploring lives of female police officers

The new observational documentary, which will air on W, explores the demands and dangers facing British officers and the effects the role has on their private lives.

Following three exceptional women at various levels in the force, the new documentary will delve into what life is like for women both at senior positions and as officers on the frontline.

The number of female police officers in England and Wales has increased from 7% in 1977 to 29% in 2017, yet men still dominate senior positions by over 80%.

Channel 4 celebrates Apollo 11 anniversary with Moon Landing Live

(Credit: Channel 4)

Channel 4 will air several short films and two documentaries on the small-screen along with digital content to follow online to mark the historical event.

Apollo 11 made history as the first spaceflight that landed astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969.

The landing was broadcast live with an estimated 600 million viewers as Armstrong made his first famous steps on the lunar surface.

Celebs fight crime for Channel 4

Marcus Brigstocke on Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask (Credit: UKTV)

Working with the Cambridgeshire Constabulary, they will assist in high risk operations, crime investigation and even in custody.

The star-studded line-up includes, presenter Katie Piper, Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing, Loose Women panellist Penny Lancaster, reality star Sandi Bogle and comedian Marcus Brigstocke.

The celebrity rookies will also be tasked with policing the streets as volunteer officers, offering an insight into the reality of being a volunteer officer.

Cherry Healey talks Sex, Knives and Liposuction

(Credit: UKTV)

Her new series Sex, Knives and Liposuction deals with a subject close to Healey’s heart: body image, and more specifically, the increasing pressures put upon women to look and act a certain way. In the series Healey follows a group of women as they embark on a quest to gain the “perfect body” through a series of surgical procedures, including everything from breast reduction to bum lifts. All the while she examines her issues with her own body and decides whether to go under the knife herself.