Ash Atalla

Ash Atalla, Claire Enders, Evan Shapiro, Dan Clays and Patrick Holland on their 2024 TV predictions

Last year was a sobering one for television as a post-Covid boom that had seen production and advertising revenues surge fizzled out. Will 2024 see the industry refill its glasses and toast its own success – or is the bubbly still flat?

To answer this question, the RTS assembled a top-notch panel for its first national event of the year; late last month, it asked panel members for their 2024 TV predictions.

Advertising revenues would bounce back during the year, Claire Enders, the founder of Enders Analysis, told a packed house in central London.

TV predictions for 2024 with Ash Atalla, Evan Shapiro, Claire Enders, Patrick Holland and Dan Clays

What does 2024 hold for the TV industry? Hosted by Katie Prescott, panellists Claire Enders, Dan Clays, Ash Atalla, Patrick Holland and Evan Shapiro discuss their 2024 TV predictions at an RTS event, from freelancing, to viewing habits, to the effects of geopolitical events and AI.


Craft and resolve: Ash Atalla, Clare Richards, Inzamam Rashid and Steve Hughes deliver RTS Student Masterclasses 2023

Inzamam Rashid talks to Helen Scott on stage at the RTS Student Masterclasses 2023

The RTS Student Master­classes drew a crowd of more than 300 this month to hear four of the industry’s top talents talk about their careers and offer first-hand advice on how to make a start in television.


Inzamam Rashid, a Sky News correspondent based in the north of England, told the packed Journalism masterclass: “I always wanted to do the news, [as] a reporter, a newsreader or [working] behind the scenes.”