RTS Television Journalism Awards 2021

Winners of the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2021 announced

The virtual celebrations were hosted by Mishal Husain, Presenter, BBC Radio 4 and BBC News at Ten.

This year, the ‘Judges’ Award’ was given to all the technical teams in recognition of the ingenuity, innovation and speed they demonstrated this year to keep journalism on the air.

Clive Myrie on his love for US politics, the impact of Covid and breaking into the industry

“From a young age, seeing Sir Trevor McDonald on the TV who looked like me and spoke a bit like me, I thought, ‘if he can do it and he’s black, maybe I could do it too,’” he explains.

Myrie’s heart was set on a career in journalism but that he had to have a “good degree” to fall back on for his parents.

“My parents are first generation immigrants from Jamaica, they didn’t travel 6,000 miles for me to be a bum,” he laughs. 

After completing a law degree, Myrie chose to pursue his childhood dream and earned a coveted place on the BBC journalism training course. 

BBC News correspondent Rianna Croxford: "Stories are about people, come from people and start with people"

Credit: Rianna Croxford

BBC News correspondent Rianna Croxford currently specialises in investigations, having previously acted as the BBC’s community affairs correspondent.  

Croxford regularly reports on domestic and international TV, radio and digital platforms and has covered the George Floyd protests, allegations of Priti Patel bullying members of the civil service and the impact of coronavirus on ethnic minorities and vulnerable communities. 

How did you get started in journalism? 

John King on a pivotal election, the fight for truth and the future of America

John King (credit: CNN)

The Inside Politics anchor admits once naively assuming he had seen all the ‘wild roller coaster elections' history could throw at him.

“I thought, I’ve been through all the crazy, right? There’s nothing that’s going to surprise me,” he says. “How many times as a journalist do you get the gift of a story so dramatic and compelling? But this one was…wow.”

“Misinformation and denialism can really impact human lives”: Journalist Renata Brito on reporting on the pandemic

As a multiformat journalist for the Associated Press, Brito filmed in both Spain and Brazil in COVID-19 hospital wards, emergency airlifts and makeshift morgues, ensuring that the agency and other news sources could illustrate the impact of the pandemic to viewers around the world and counteract the misinformation running rampant.

“I cannot ignore what is happening under the pretext of danger”: Journalist Fadi Al Halabi on reporting from Syria

Fadi Al Halabi

Reporting from the last rebel-controlled enclave of Idlib, Al Halabi skilfully navigates fragile alliances and the constant threat of danger to show the world the human suffering and tragic loss that has become a daily reality.

He tells us about building trustful relationships with his contributors, retaining mental strength amid the horrors of war, and finding hope in the unrelenting determination of Syrian children.

Describe your journey to becoming a journalist in Syria?