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Winners of the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2021 announced

The virtual celebrations were hosted by Mishal Husain, Presenter, BBC Radio 4 and BBC News at Ten.

This year, the ‘Judges’ Award’ was given to all the technical teams in recognition of the ingenuity, innovation and speed they demonstrated this year to keep journalism on the air.

Charlene White's TV Diary

(credit: ITV)

The wonderful thing about juggling a tonne of jobs is that every day really is different. My week can swing between discussing a £3,000 Balenciaga coat that looks like a high-vis jacket on Loose Women to explaining the latest Covid infection rates on ITV News. Or travelling across the UK working on my latest long-form programme.  

Many hats, many pies but – as my school form teacher would probably still agree – me keeping busy is the best way to stay out of trouble!  

ITV News and the Isle of Man | RTS Isle of Man


ITV News and the Isle of Man look at how covering the pandemic from both sides of the Irish Sea with Head of News Lucy West and Granada’s Isle of Man reporter Josh Stokes, hosted by Hosted by Ex Granada and BBC North West correspondent Paul Moulton.

The panel looks at the bigger picture of reporting the very diverse region on a regular basis and finding out about those challenges where the Isle of Man makes up only about 1% of the audience. 

RTS Isle of Man talks regional news during the pandemic

Unlike the currently highly infectious North West of England, the Isle of Man has been free of Covid-19 since the start of June.

“It’s a global pandemic but the Isle of Man has had its own story. We’re the first place in the British Isles that removed social distancing…It’s been a unique experience,” said Stokes, who is in his first TV job.

“I’m so lucky to have a job here at the right time… on a story this big.”

Journalism masterclass with Rageh Omaar

Nuala McGovern and Rageh Omaar (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

Why he wanted to be a journalist: I was born in Somalia where my father was part of the independence movement and a businessman who spent a lot of time in the UK. He moved us to the UK where I was educated.

Around our kitchen table we’d discuss what was happening in the world. That was where I first became interested in international news and the day’s big issues such as apartheid and Nelson Mandela and revolutions in the Middle East.