Young Talent of the Year

Marianna Spring on disinformation, conspiracies & dealing with trolls

BBC News's first ever specialist disinformation and social media reporter Marianna Spring talks about the stories that have shaped her journalism career so far and what inspires her to continue her work despite abuse from online trolls.

Marianna was nominated alongside Noel Phillips and Mickey Carroll for the Young Talent Award at the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2022.

GMB North American correspondent Noel Phillips: “As of right now, I'm the youngest foreign correspondent in the UK”

Since moving to the US, Phillips has covered a range of topics, from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell Oprah interview to speaking to Britney Spears’ family about her restrictive conservatorship, to the heightened race relations during the murder trial of Derek Chauvin and subsequent shooting of Daunte Wright.

We spoke to Noel before his RTS Television Journalism Award win in the Young Talent category.

How does it feel to be nominated for an RTS Young Talent the Year Award?

BBC News correspondent Rianna Croxford: "Stories are about people, come from people and start with people"

Credit: Rianna Croxford

BBC News correspondent Rianna Croxford currently specialises in investigations, having previously acted as the BBC’s community affairs correspondent.  

Croxford regularly reports on domestic and international TV, radio and digital platforms and has covered the George Floyd protests, allegations of Priti Patel bullying members of the civil service and the impact of coronavirus on ethnic minorities and vulnerable communities. 

How did you get started in journalism? 

“Misinformation and denialism can really impact human lives”: Journalist Renata Brito on reporting on the pandemic

As a multiformat journalist for the Associated Press, Brito filmed in both Spain and Brazil in COVID-19 hospital wards, emergency airlifts and makeshift morgues, ensuring that the agency and other news sources could illustrate the impact of the pandemic to viewers around the world and counteract the misinformation running rampant.

“I cannot ignore what is happening under the pretext of danger”: Journalist Fadi Al Halabi on reporting from Syria

Fadi Al Halabi

Reporting from the last rebel-controlled enclave of Idlib, Al Halabi skilfully navigates fragile alliances and the constant threat of danger to show the world the human suffering and tragic loss that has become a daily reality.

He tells us about building trustful relationships with his contributors, retaining mental strength amid the horrors of war, and finding hope in the unrelenting determination of Syrian children.

Describe your journey to becoming a journalist in Syria?