Trevor Phillips

Lessons from outside TV on diversity and inclusion

Picture from left: Karen Blackett, Mark McLane, Anne Nguyen and Trevor Phillips (Credt: Paul Hampartsoumain)

Television picked the brains of business leaders from advertising, banking and consultancy in this session, learning how they have boosted diversity and inclusion in their industries.

Introducing “Diversity and inclusion: lessons from outside TV”, session chair Trevor Phillips argued that there were areas of agreement on diversity, notably that it is “good for business, as well as good for the soul”.

Trevor Phillips’ TV diary

Having inadvertently found myself in the headlines twice in the past month, I’ve given up trying to understand what makes today’s news media pay attention.

Returning from the summer break, I pitched up at the Big Tent Ideas Festival, held in a field near Cambridge, to debate the future of AI and machine learning. To my nerdy mind, fears of massive job losses and robot control, stoked by people who can barely spell “algorithm”, are misplaced.