RTS London

NBCUniversal International named lead sponsor of RTS London Conference 2016

As leader of one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies, Burke will share his views on global media trends, how NBCUniversal is capitalising on shifts in consumer, technological and market dynamics, and his expectations for the future.


RTS London Student Awards 2016

This year's RTS London Student Awards Ceremony will be hosted by Ore Oduba, the rising star of sports broadcasting and a regular face on the UK’s leading morning news programme, BBC Breakfast,

Tickets are available for the nominees and their university staff, with 20 available on ballot for members to attend and network with the next generation of TV creatives.

Winners announced for the RTS London Student Television Awards 2021

“This year has proved how important this industry is – I know for a fact that if I hadn’t had my TV in my house during lockdown, I would have been climbing the walls,” said the winner of Drag Race’s first UK series.

Looking at the “amazing young, fresh talent” brought together for the online ceremony by Zoom, The Vivienne added: “Knowing that the future of TV is in your hands really puts me at ease.”

TikTok Famous: How TV Can Leverage TikTok | RTS London

TikTok has become one of the most talked-about social media launches of recent years, but producers and broadcasters are still in the dark on how best to navigate it.

Watch this session about how independent producers, production companies and all major broadcasters across the UK can better understand how to connect with and be discovered by Millennials, Gen Z and beyond on TikTok, driving new kinds of engagement with their content.

RTS London panel asks if there is too much TV

That was the core of an RTS London discussion, “Too much TV!”, which examined how the pandemic is affecting our viewing tastes and why, despite significant progress, platforms need better curation to guide audiences through the labyrinth of peak TV.     

As all the panellists agreed, you can’t have too much great TV. Whether there is enough of it is a moot point.   

And, perhaps, ultimately, the definition of what constitutes outstanding TV is subjective.