Evan Shapiro

Evan Shapiro on the future of streaming, PSBs and TikTok

The day before filling a panellist’s chair at the RTS National Event “2024 TV predictions”, in late January, media universe cartographer and analyst Evan Shapiro appeared solo at a sold-out RTS London session.

“Content remains king – that’s not going to change,” he told a rapt Everyman King’s Cross audience. However, he added, there is a misperception “that most television watched on Earth is streaming – it’s just not true”.

TV predictions for 2024 with Ash Atalla, Evan Shapiro, Claire Enders, Patrick Holland and Dan Clays

What does 2024 hold for the TV industry? Hosted by Katie Prescott, panellists Claire Enders, Dan Clays, Ash Atalla, Patrick Holland and Evan Shapiro discuss their 2024 TV predictions at an RTS event, from freelancing, to viewing habits, to the effects of geopolitical events and AI.


The future of the media universe – is scale the only way?

Local content offers a way forward for UK broadcasters and producers – in television, big is not always best. In the “new era of media”, claimed media cartographer Evan Shapiro during an effervescent presentation: “The user is in complete control of what they’re watching.”

Focusing on the big tech players that dominate his map of the most valuable media and tech companies, he said: “You can’t beat them at scale. In fact, in many cases, you have to work with them and compete with them simultaneously… you have to both bear-hug them and keep them at arm’s length.