Greg James

Munya Chawawa on using TikTok to break into television

Frustrated that he couldn’t get a break in TV, comedian Munya Chawawa took to impersonating celebrity offspring. “I was so desperate… I told a TV agent that I was Idris Elba’s son, which obviously you can’t verify until you see the person. I’d turn up and they’d say to me: ‘Look. If you had 30,000 followers, maybe we’d talk to you. We like your showreel but you’ve got no profile.’”

Chawawa felt his comedy suited TikTok’s “quick bursts of entertainment…. Most videos have one punchline at the end, so my rule was that I was going to have 11 punchlines in 60 seconds.”

Greg James to host new reality game show Rise and Fall

Greg James looks at Camera in a lift

Sixteen British civilians will enter the competition as equals but will soon be split into Rulers and Grafters. In a caricature of real-world power dynamics, the Grafters will complete a series of arduous activities, creating a prize fund that only the Rulers can win.

Whilst the Grafters inhabit a basement, the Rulers occupy a deluxe penthouse. The Rulers will have to encourage the Grafters to work harder for them, whilst also making choices that affect only the Grafters and not themselves.

Taskmaster reveals the New Year Treat celebrity line up

TV host and Countdown veteran Carol Vorderman, Olympic champion Mo Farah, Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Chicken Shop Date's Amelia Dimoldenberg and singer Rebecca Lucy Taylor (aka Self Esteem) will compete in the third New Year's special of the comedy competition series. 

The celebrities will take on a series of obscure tasks to impress the Taskmaster, Greg Davies, and his assistant, Little Alex Horne, to be crowned the New Year Treat's champion and take home this year's trophy: Greg's Golden Eyebrows.