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Talent execs offer top tips for breaking into the industry

A group of people sit around a round table, talking

Talent managers from some of the country’s leading independent producers, as well as executives from BBC Studios, offered advice on how to break into the industry. Among the companies represented were Shine TV, Lifted Entertainment, Studio Lambert and All3Media.

The sold-out event also posted an “ask me anything” table, at which seasoned industry execs from companies including Lime Pictures, Chalkboard TV and Audible gave general career advice.

“Network your way into TV: meet the talent managers” was produced by Callum Stewart, Reem Nouss and Melissa Clay-Peters.

BBC to "remain faithful" to The Traitors for third series

Claudia Winkleman is flanked by two hooded figures against a night-time backdrop of a Scottish castle

The announcement comes in advance of the highly-anticipated second series, which is due to return to BBC One later in 2023.

Hosted by an inscrutable Claudia Winkleman, The Traitors has won many fans for its gripping game of deception, based on the party game Mafia.

21 million audiences tuned in to watch the likes of Wilf Webster and Amanda Lovett bluff and backstab their way through the voting rounds.

"The BBC," says Head of Entertainment Kalpna Patel-Knight, "will always remain faithful to The Traitors.

Wink Murder on steroids: behind the scenes of The Traitors

It all seems so obvious now. Put 22 ordinary people in a spooky Scottish castle, divide them into Traitors – whose job it is to murder the others – and Faithfuls, whose job it is to work out who the Traitors are and banish them. It’s Wink Murder on steroids. Put the effervescent Claudia Winkleman at the helm, and let the viewers come.

Anatomy of a Hit: The Traitors

A panel of producers and competitors of The Traitors unpack their smash hit reality show.

Hosted by Rick Edwards, broadcaster.


Wilf Webster, Cast

Amanda Lovett, Cast

Neil McCallum, Commissioning Editor, BBC

Sarah Fay,  Executive Producer, Studio Lambert

Mike Cotton, Executive Producer, Studio Lambert

Greg James to host new reality game show Rise and Fall

Greg James looks at Camera in a lift

Sixteen British civilians will enter the competition as equals but will soon be split into Rulers and Grafters. In a caricature of real-world power dynamics, the Grafters will complete a series of arduous activities, creating a prize fund that only the Rulers can win.

Whilst the Grafters inhabit a basement, the Rulers occupy a deluxe penthouse. The Rulers will have to encourage the Grafters to work harder for them, whilst also making choices that affect only the Grafters and not themselves.

Daniel Lawrence Taylor pens new boarding school dramedy for BBC Three

Entitled Boarders, the six-part series follows five disadvantaged black students from inner-city London who all win scholarships to an elite boarding school.

Like fish out of water, the move from the urban jungle to a school resembling Hogwarts is a shock to their zone 3 systems. But together they take on the highs and lows of their new lives as boarders, learning about themselves, their identities and how the other half live.

Netflix announces Squid Game: The Challenge reality competition series

Squid Game series 1 (credit: Noh Juhan/Netflix)

456 real players will enter the game in pursuit of the life-changing $4.56 million reward. Inspired by the hit Korean drama series Squid Game, which holds the record as Netflix’s most popular series of all time, the players will compete through a series of games derived from the original show, plus some surprising new additions.

Their strategies, alliances and character will be put to the test as competitors are eliminated around them. The stakes are high, but the worst fate for competitors in this game is going home empty-handed.

Race Across the World lands celebrity series for BBC One

Celebrity Race Across the World (Credit: BBC)

The first series originally aired on BBC Two earlier this year and the finale became the channel’s highest rated episode for a new factual entertainment programme since 2016.

Celebrity Race Across the World will follow four famous faces as they embark on a journey across the world with no mobile phones, internet access or access to air travel.

Joined by a loved one, the celebrities will be expected to travel thousands of miles with only the cash equivalent of a one-way flight to their last destination.

RTS Futures Careers Fair 2018: Meet the exhibitors

The RTS Futures Careers Fair is back with all the advice, help and information to kick start your career in television. 

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity on Tuesday 6th February to take part in interview masterclasses, have your CV improved by professional employers and talk to the most influential creatives in the industry to help you get your first foot in the door in TV.

London Conference Session Two: Quest for the global grail

'Go Global or Go Home' at the RTS London Conference 2016 (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)

Global hits, unscripted as well as scripted, are what a lot of people in television dream of. Platform proliferation ought to mean that there are more hits than ever before but, as the panellists in this session – “Go global or go home” – know to their cost, hits remain as elusive as unity in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. 

Three of the four panellists have deep, hands-on experience of selling drama – Tim Davie, CEO, BBC Worldwide and Director, Global; Michael Edelstein, President, NBCUniversal International Studios; and Jane Millichip, Managing Director, Sky Vision.