Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman to host new gameshow One Question

Credit: Channel 4

The six-part series will see contestants try to win a prize of £100,000 by answering only one question.

There will be twenty possible answers but only one correct answer. The contestants must eliminate the incorrect answers to show them the path to victory, but if they eliminate one correct answer it will be game over. 

Claudia Winkleman commented: “I am ridiculously excited about One Question. There’s no time limit, no buzzers, no complicated rules. A sofa, a chat, just one question that could win our players £100,000. Not only that, we give them the answer. 

Survey reveals public support BBC stars salaries

The findings have been released following the BBC’s disclosure of the wages of on-screen talent paid more than £150,000 annually. The BBC revealed 96 earners who fall into the bracket, including Chris Evans, Gary Lineker, Claudia Winkleman and John Humphreys, however it has been criticised by many for the size of some of the biggest stars’ wage packets.