The Traitors

Corporals, clairvoyants and recruitment managers: meet the 22 contestants of The Traitors series two

Claudia Winkleman stands in front of the cast of The Traitors series two, who stand in front of a gloomy Scottish castle

Could they not just go backpacking around South East Asia instead of backstabbing around the Scottish Highlands? Perhaps, but their loss of marbles is our gloriously watchable gain. I guess there is the £120,000 up for grabs.

As we saw in the first series, no matter a contestant's intuition or intellect, the game will always follow a course as wildly unpredictable as humans are irrational.

But we've still scoured their profiles to discern who might make good Faithful or Traitor material. So read on for some mission statements that will no doubt prove ludicrously bold.

Everything you need to know about The Traitors before series two

Albeit in the form of a fresh hell for its participants.

There was something slightly sadistic about how gripped millions of us were last year, watching 22 people descend into the very depths of paranoid despair as they systematically picked off one another. But you just couldn't deny how fascinating it was to see, writ-large, the processes (in-group and out-group, herd mentality) we'd only really read about in our A-Level psychology textbooks.

Ed Gamble to "uncloak" The Traitors in new post-episode reaction show

As well as analysing the action, the podcast will have exclusive interviews with the banished and murdered players, including bonus footage that shows the exact moment when they learn who the Traitors are.

The Traitors: Uncloaked will air on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer immediately after each episode of The Traitors, which launches in early 2024. An extended version with additional guests, further theories and analysis will be available on BBC Sounds.

BBC to "remain faithful" to The Traitors for third series

Claudia Winkleman is flanked by two hooded figures against a night-time backdrop of a Scottish castle

The announcement comes in advance of the highly-anticipated second series, which is due to return to BBC One later in 2023.

Hosted by an inscrutable Claudia Winkleman, The Traitors has won many fans for its gripping game of deception, based on the party game Mafia.

21 million audiences tuned in to watch the likes of Wilf Webster and Amanda Lovett bluff and backstab their way through the voting rounds.

"The BBC," says Head of Entertainment Kalpna Patel-Knight, "will always remain faithful to The Traitors.

Claudia Winkleman teases The Traitors series two in new clip

The clip aired just before Strictly Come Dancing, and saw its RTS Award-winning host Claudia Winkleman donning the iconic cloak before shushing the camera. Words revealed that the series was "coming soon" to BBC One.

Several fans clocked another hint during the live Strictly broadcast. A cloaked figure was seen looming behind Winkleman as she spoke to the dancing couples awaiting their scores.

Wink Murder on steroids: behind the scenes of The Traitors

It all seems so obvious now. Put 22 ordinary people in a spooky Scottish castle, divide them into Traitors – whose job it is to murder the others – and Faithfuls, whose job it is to work out who the Traitors are and banish them. It’s Wink Murder on steroids. Put the effervescent Claudia Winkleman at the helm, and let the viewers come.

Anatomy of a Hit: The Traitors

A panel of producers and competitors of The Traitors unpack their smash hit reality show.

Hosted by Rick Edwards, broadcaster.


Wilf Webster, Cast

Amanda Lovett, Cast

Neil McCallum, Commissioning Editor, BBC

Sarah Fay,  Executive Producer, Studio Lambert

Mike Cotton, Executive Producer, Studio Lambert