RTS London

Watch: PSB and Beyond

At the RTS London Conference, the discussion over regulations in the public service broadcasting sector got heated as the panel debated government intervention, licence fees, and staying true to their remit. 

Pat Younge chaired as Channel 4 chief creative officer Jay Hunt, BBC's director of strategy and education James Purnell, Italian journalist Monica Maggioni, and head of planning and scheduling for Denmark's broadcasting corporation Peter Rosberg offer their take on how to best serve the public. 

Transcript of Kevin McLellan's opening remarks

KEVIN MACLELLAN:  Thank you very much, Baz, and thank you for all the help you gave me this year putting the conference together.  Baz gave me a great deal of advice during the course of the year, being an American and the first time doing this.  He also gave me a bit of advice that made me quite nervous.  At one point he said "Kevin, in England you have to make speeches funny", and I don't really know how to do conference funny.  I do after a bottle of wine funny or best man's speech funny, maybe, basically anything inappropriate funny.  So just lower your expectations on if you would on t

Transcript of Steve Burke's keynote session

Steve Burke (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)


Before we bring up our first keynote speaker, Steve Burke, CEO of NBCUniversal, I thought it might make sense to give you all a little history of NBCUniversal, and that is because many, many people in the UK know what Universal Pictures is but it has become my experience that when I say NBCUniversal they are left a little baffled.  So have a look at this tape which will tell you a little bit about our company.