National Geographic

National Geographic explores new frontiers in scripted shows

Racy, raunchy and risky are three words not usually associated with National Geographic. But the brand’s first foray into high-end scripted television, the 10-part Genius about the life and times of Albert Einstein, gives viewers an eyeful in its very first episode.

“Monogamy is not natural, it is a construct of religious authority,” theorises Geoffrey Rush playing the married physicist, as he pleasures a lover, pants around his ankles, pressed up against a blackboard covered in equations.

This week's Top TV: 12 - 18 September

Hooten and the Lady confront hair-raising obstacles as they travel the globe in search of hidden treasures (Credit: Sky)


Celebrity Home Secrets

ITV, 8pm

Janet Street Porter (Credit: ITV)

In this show, famous faces revisit their former homes to share memories and secrets from when they lived there.

This week we get an insight into the colourful life of Janet Street Porter as we look back at her various homes, including the ‘castle’ she built in the middle of London.

Crowdfunding: the future of television?

The Crystal Maze

Sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow fundraisers to outline their plans, offering investors benefits such as signed merchandise and exclusive events in accordance with the size of their donation, rather than a financial return.

Nineties game show The Crystal Maze hit headlines earlier this month when its creators launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise £500,000 to bring the show back as a live immersive experience.