UKTV to follow the lives of Essex midwives for new reality show

The logo for W, which is a white W against an askew red rectangle, against a white backdrop

The show follows the professional and social lives of the junior midwives in Basildon University Hospital. Thanks to its exclusive access, the programme reveals what it takes to survive in one of the most demanding jobs in the country.

Midwives can qualify after three years, putting them amongst Britain’s youngest medical professionals. The Real Midwives of Essex sheds light on those who have recently qualified, as well as the student midwives, and the people teaching them.

Together, they deal with 12-hour shifts, early starts and nights out.

Emma Willis returns to the hospital ward for a fourth series of Delivering Babies

For the last three series, Willis has trained and worked as a maternity care assistant at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex. She has worked shifts varying from eight to thirteen hours, changed sheets, taken blood, and assisted in childbirth; sharing with viewers why working in maternity is such a mixture of reward, hard work and challenges.

In her last series, she had a new added obstacle: coming back to work at the hospital after the pandemic, and exploring the world of homebirths.

W receives first true crime series commission from UKTV

The logo for TV channel W, namely a white 'W' against a slanted red rectangle

The eight-episode programme will detail the exploits of digital manipulators, using first-person testimony from the people they targeted. Catfishing, gaslighting and deception all take centre-stage, as the show explores the darker side of dating sites and online messaging. 

Produced by First Look TV, the hour-long programme delves into several of the tools used by manipulators, from love bombing to mirroring to breadcrumbing. 

Katherine Ryan to explore extreme parenting for new W comedy documentary

Ryan is reuniting with producer Expectation for the series after Backstage with Katherine Ryan, which let viewers in on her backstage banter with fellow stand-ups at their live shows. She says that, following its success, "I've been hoping to work with Expectation on another unique 'all access' project.

"Parental Guidance gives plenty of food for thought while putting comedy front and centre."

W commissions Rochelle Humes: Interior Designer in the Making

Credit: UKTV

Cameras will give viewers an insight into Humes’ life as she turns her personal passion for interior design into the professional world.

Humes will visit families all over the country and completely transform their homes with the perfect post-pandemic makeover.

Over the years, Humes has renovated several of her own homes and has a loyal Instagram following who love seeing her style tips and interiors taste. 

However, she has never been faced with real clients, a problem brief, constrained budgets and unrealistic expectations. 

UKTV announces new series Emma and AJ Get To Work

Emma Willis and AJ Odudu (Credit: UKTV)

The four-part series will follow Willis and Odudu as they help families all over the UK get their businesses on track after a tough year. 

The pair will offer a much-needed helping hand during some of these families’ darkest times. 

However, there is a twist, each family is facing their own unique challenge, which will require Willis and Odudu to learn new skills in order to help. 

These families are at a make-or-break point so will need the duo to bring their A-game, think quickly on their feet and immerse themselves in their new jobs. 

UKTV commissions Nurses Down Under

Credit: UKTV

Nurses Down Under shows viewers the realities of working on Sydney’s frontline, with exclusive access to nurses working across three of Sydney’s major hospitals.

From A&E disasters to major theatre operations, to newborn babies on maternity wards and time critical organ transplants, the series will show the world of medicine through the eyes of the nurses working in the major Australian city. 

Lockdown boosts viewership for UKTV

In 2020, UKTV’s network share grew by 3.2% to achieve 4.63%, reaching over 18 million viewers a week, and grew its SOCI by 4%.

UKTV Play increased direct-to-consumer views by 42%, with shows such as Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, The Bill: The Early Years, Meet The Richardsons, EastEnders and Hypothetical topping the VOD service.

UKTV recommissions Women on the Force

Credit: UKTV

The ten-part documentary will follow the brave women who must balance their crucial work as part of the police force with their lives once they are out of the uniform.

The North Yorkshire Police is led by the magnetic Chief Constable Lisa Winward, who must oversee and manage a team of 1,505 police officers, 99 special constables, 237 police community support officers and 1,049 police staff who must work together to serve and protect people across an area of 3,208 square miles.

RTS Scotland celebrates television talent at 2019 awards

On-screen Personality winner Sabrina Grant (Credit: Harrison Reid)

Cosgrove, who led the Scotland team that campaigned successfully to bring one of the Channel 4 hubs to Glasgow, is the latest recipient of the prestigious RTS Scotland Award.

The inaugural Writer award went to Lorna Martin, who adapted her best-selling book, Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, for television. Women on the Verge, a Merman/House Productions series, aired on UKTV channel W and RTÉ2.