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Big Zuu to pilgrimage to Mecca for BBC documentary

A close-up shot of Big Zuu

With a Lebanese father and a mother from Sierra Leone, Big Zuu grew up with Islam on both sides of the family. Although faith has remained hugely important for Zuu, growing up in London has meant living completely by the book hasn’t always been easy.

In Big Zuu Goes To Mecca, Zuu will go on the Umrah pilgrimage (a religious journey to Masjid al-Haram), visit one of Islam’s holiest cities, and examine what it means to be a “good Muslim.”

Big Zuu and ITV cook up new food travelogue with a twist

Having cooked for stand-ups touring the UK across three series of Big Eats for Dave, Big Zuu is now hitting the road himself for a European culinary travelogue.

In each of the six parts, Big Zuu will aim to teach viewers and celebrity guests everything they need to know about a particular European city by sampling 12 of its local delicacies.

Big Zuu’s Big Eats to return for a third series

Credit: UKTV

TV chef and grime artist Big Zuu will team up with old school friends Tubsey and Hyder to fire up their brand-new revamped food truck and cook up some tasty bites for some of entertainment’s biggest names. 

This time, however, the guests will come to Zuu’s kitchen and experience a dining experience like no other. 

The last series saw Zuu travel far and wide to feed famous names such as Maya Jama, Harry Redknapp, Mo Gilligan, Jacob Anderson and Judi Love. 

Dave announces five short form comedy shows for their social channels

Hyder, Big Zuu and Tubsey in Big Zuu’s Wrap Clash (Credit: UKTV)

The five short form shows will offer audiences unique and easily shareable comedy content and introduce upcoming talent. 

The two shorts for Dave’s YouTube channel include Big Zuu’s Wrap Clash, a new fun brand new food competition that will pit Big Zuu against social media stars to create the best wrap.

Amelia Dimoldenberg in Who Cares? (Credit: UKTV)

Lockdown boosts viewership for UKTV

In 2020, UKTV’s network share grew by 3.2% to achieve 4.63%, reaching over 18 million viewers a week, and grew its SOCI by 4%.

UKTV Play increased direct-to-consumer views by 42%, with shows such as Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, The Bill: The Early Years, Meet The Richardsons, EastEnders and Hypothetical topping the VOD service.