Himesh Patel on Station Eleven and his journey from Walford to Hollywood

As a satire of the climate crisis, Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up was obviously relevant. But the other turned out to be eerily timely.

Patel received the pilot script for Station Eleven – writer Patrick Somerville’s adaptation of Emily St. John Mandel’s novel about life before and after a pandemic - in 2019. “I just thought it was fantastic,” he says.

Air TV: A lesson in nurturing talent

A wartime aircraft hangar at Leeds East Airport is an unlikely setting for the next generation of out-of-London TV talent to start their careers, but that’s exactly what’s happening at Air TV.

The company – run by ex-BBC execs Matt Richards, Andy Joynson and Ian Cundall – is passionate about attracting, training and retaining young talent to work on their fast-growing slate of factual shows.

Lockdown boosts viewership for UKTV

In 2020, UKTV’s network share grew by 3.2% to achieve 4.63%, reaching over 18 million viewers a week, and grew its SOCI by 4%.

UKTV Play increased direct-to-consumer views by 42%, with shows such as Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, The Bill: The Early Years, Meet The Richardsons, EastEnders and Hypothetical topping the VOD service.

Yesterday announces the Secrets of the Transport Museum

Credit: UKTV

The ten-part series, narrated by Sanjeev Bhaskar, will go behind the scenes of the Brooklands Museum in Surrey and meet the skilled and passionate volunteers who endeavour to preserve the museum’s historic racing cars, motorbikes and aeroplanes.

Brooklands has a special place in motoring history as the birthplace of motor racing and the location of the first British Grand Prix.

The museum prides itself on being one of the most important heritage sites for the auto and aviation engineering world. 

UKTV announces two more series of The Architecture The Railways Built

Tim Dunn (Credit: UKTV)

The two ten-part series will be led by railway historian and architecture enthusiast Tim Dunn, following him as he travels around Britain and beyond visiting the unique architecture that lines the railway networks.

With behind the scenes access, Dunn gets to explore beyond the viaducts and stations, discovering other buildings with stunning architecture that were created due to the railways, including signal boxes, tunnels, pedestrian passages, workshops and hotels.