Sky Kids announces new series The Epic Adventures of Morph

(credit: Sky)

The Epic Adventures of Morph will see Morph reunite with his sidekick Chas and their old friends Delilah, Grandmorph and the Very Small Creatures.

After almost 40 years apart, Morph and the gang are back to their mischievous antics, taking their first brave step beyond their desktop home into the big wide world.

The stop-motion animation will continue in its classic dialogue-free style.

Aardman model maker Jim Parkyn shares his secrets of animation

(Credit: Bottletop)

A crowd of animation fans were let in on those secrets and more at the very first “Animorsels” evening at Antenna, Nottingham in late October.

Aardman model maker Jim Parkyn was the star attraction at the evening event, which was organised by the Nottingham-based animation and production company, Bottletop and sponsored by RTS Midlands.

Morph joins the RTS East Centre Launch Event!

Original Morph set from Aardman Studios, part of the AniMotion Exhibition

We’ll be celebrating our new Centre in Norwich on November 30th amongst exhibits created by some of the UK’s most imaginative artists. Investigate an origami city over-laid with ever-changing sound and light, be transported into the world of virtual reality while controlling a skeleton avatar and have your face transformed into the winged creatures that inhabit the exhibition.

Sky to commission original children's content

Sky Kids app

New episodes of Morph, from Aardman Animation, will premiere on the new Sky Kids app later this year, alongside shorter clips featuring the legendary character, designed to encourage children to have a go at making their own models and films.

The network is also in discussion with other producers to create kids’ versions of some its favourite shows.

The Sky Kids app, which launches this week, is designed to allow children easy and safe access to suitable content.

Crowdfunding: the future of television?

The Crystal Maze

Sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow fundraisers to outline their plans, offering investors benefits such as signed merchandise and exclusive events in accordance with the size of their donation, rather than a financial return.

Nineties game show The Crystal Maze hit headlines earlier this month when its creators launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise £500,000 to bring the show back as a live immersive experience.

RTS Centres' Council gets animated

Morph modeling

The chairs of the Society’s 13 regional centres, along with representatives from RTS HQ and Board of Trustees chair John Hardie, were tasked with creating their own Morph figurine.

Led by Aardman Productions animator Jim Parkyn, the group set about crafting their own plasticine creations, and photographer Jon Craig was on hand to capture the results.

While the RTS Midlands Chair, Isabel Clarke, scooped up the prize for the best likeness with her well-made Morph, it’s safe to say that the Centres’ Council won’t be giving up the day job yet.