BDH Unzipped

Celebrating their 20th year in 2015, BDH has long been at the cutting edge of British television – directing commercials, creating brand identities, music visuals and motion graphics.

They have won 18 national RTS Awards and their work has been nominated for BAFTA, D&AD, Emmy and Grammy Awards. From films about disabled artists, to natural history from space, superstar film diaries, prime ministers on tour, from mobiles to giant screens, augmented classical musical, to virtual reality poetry, BDH can tell a unique story of creativity in British television.

RTS Centres' Council gets animated

Morph modeling

The chairs of the Society’s 13 regional centres, along with representatives from RTS HQ and Board of Trustees chair John Hardie, were tasked with creating their own Morph figurine.

Led by Aardman Productions animator Jim Parkyn, the group set about crafting their own plasticine creations, and photographer Jon Craig was on hand to capture the results.

While the RTS Midlands Chair, Isabel Clarke, scooped up the prize for the best likeness with her well-made Morph, it’s safe to say that the Centres’ Council won’t be giving up the day job yet.