TV diary

Ade Adepitan's TV Diary

(credit: John Noel Management)

This will be my third time presenting the Paralympics. I was a pundit for the BBC in Beijing. In 2012 and 2016, I was a presenter in London and Rio for Channel 4.  

To prepare, I have been updating my knowledge of the athletes. I still play wheelchair basketball at club level. Quite a few of the players, such as Gaz Choudhry and Helen Freeman, who are in the national team, I know well. I trained some of them as they worked to get into the team.  

Charlene White's TV Diary

(credit: ITV)

The wonderful thing about juggling a tonne of jobs is that every day really is different. My week can swing between discussing a £3,000 Balenciaga coat that looks like a high-vis jacket on Loose Women to explaining the latest Covid infection rates on ITV News. Or travelling across the UK working on my latest long-form programme.  

Many hats, many pies but – as my school form teacher would probably still agree – me keeping busy is the best way to stay out of trouble!  

Charlene Chika Osuagwu's TV Diary

Charlene Chika Osuagwu (credit: Charlene Chika Osuagwu)

After eight months working across two productions for Zinc Media, it is officially my last day here. During my time at the company, I have produced Brook Lapping’s Ian Wright: Home Truths, a single documentary exploring the devastating impact of physical and psychological abuse in childhood, and two glitzy, feature-length episodes for Blakeway’s series about Hollywood in 1939. Cue the old adage: “no two days in TV are ever…”

Rhianna Dhillon's TV Diary

April has been a strange month. It marks exactly 10 years of my career being a film critic – my first appearance was on Radio 1 on April Fools’ Day. My mum, who recorded it (old-school, on a cassette), plays it back to me down the phone and I sound so nervous as I chat to Greg James about why Jake Gyllenhaal’s Source Code was a pretty great film and why Sucker Punch, starring Vanessa Hudgens... was not.

I was still a student at Reading University but had been thrust into one of the most exciting jobs I could think of.

Ricky Boleto's TV Diary

I think it’s fair to say that reporting for Newsround is a job like no other in journalism. I know John Craven and all those who’ve followed in his footsteps would agree. This week alone, I’ve gone from explaining the situation in Myanmar to revealing which celebrity was behind the sausage costume on ITV’s The Masked Singer. In case you were wondering, it was Joss Stone… all in a day’s work for a Newsround presenter.

Pat Younge's TV Diary

It’s been an unusually domestic and turbulent month. Covid-19 wiped out the idea of piggy-backing on my wife’s work trip to Tokyo, the family holiday in Greece and travelling to Edinburgh for the TV festival.

But it’s not been quiet, as the ­reverberations of the death in May of George Floyd, under the knee of an American cop, are still being felt in August.  

Emma Scott's TV Diary

It’s the end of an era. The country is slowly easing out of lockdown. Against the odds, we’ve delivered a show to the BBC and become surprising best mates with the Bank of England, and I’m leaving the Beano for new adventures.

Our brilliant Beano team adapted to lockdown at lightning speed, despite some becoming quite poorly with Covid-19 symptoms. We mobilised everyone to work from home early and we’ve kept all content production across TV, digital and the comic on track. Endless innovation, creativity and cheer has shone through.