Can Mark Thompson work his magic at CNN?

Chicken Noodle Network, they mocked, when CNN launched on a wing and a prayer almost 44 years ago. It was a revolutionary and, many thought, crazy idea: TV news, 24/7. The all-powerful US networks were confident that this upstart rival, thinly resourced and prone to on-air gaffes, wouldn’t last six months.

Instead, of course, it grew into an important and influential global news machine generating huge profits for its founder, Ted Turner, and a $7.3bn shares payday when he sold to Time Warner.

Student Craft Skills Masterclasses: Cinematography and News Camera

News Camera Masterclass with Mark Davey

ITN news camera operator Mark Davey told an RTS Student Crafts Skills Masterclass that sound journalistic skills, the ability to form good relationships and a keen logistical sense were all essential for his job. 

It was Davey who worked alongside ITN reporter Robert Moore and producer Sophie Alexander as the only news crew to film inside the US Capitol when in January pro-Trump insurrectionists stormed Congress after claiming that the US Presidential election had been stolen from then.  

The New News: One Year On | RTS Isle of Man

In May 2020, RTS Isle of Man hosted its first online event, examining how news from the Isle of Man was being reported and how media conferences were conducted under social distancing requirements.

One year on, James Davis is joined by representatives of the Island’s media to discuss just what it’s like to report the news during a global pandemic and continue to do so in what appears to be our new digital-only world.