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John Ryley on fearless journalism

John Ryley gestures while holding a microphone

The recently departed Head of Sky News was in combative mode as he outlined three recommendations to improve British broadcast journalism.

First, John Ryley said: “Broadcasters should start reporting on the Royal Family with the same rigour as they treat every [other] story on the news agenda.… They are too supine, too incurious, too compliant. 

Piers Morgan and Krishnan Guru-Murthy on impartial TV news

Piers Morgan and Krishnan Guru-Murthy sit next to each other in conversation at the RTS Cambridge Convention 2023

When he sat down in Cambridge for a discussion about the vexed question of impartiality in television news presenters, Piers ­Morgan was clearly still licking his wounds from his abrupt departure in 2021 from ITV’s Good Morning Britain. He was quick off the mark, offering a “hypothetical” scenario:

Impartiality – What’s The Point? The Decision Makers | RTS Cambridge Convention 2023

Talk TV and GB News are offering a shaken-up version of traditional news media – for some representing an exciting new wave of audience-focused, edgier broadcasting, with others wondering where the so-called ‘Americanisation’ of broadcasting will lead us. Join a panel of decision makers as they ask whether impartiality rules are still fit for purpose, and if the idea of due impartiality is still as important to audiences as it used to be.