Julianne Moore to take lead role in new series Mary and George

Julianne Moore with auburn hair in a grey jumper stands in front of a brown screen

The eight-part series, created by DC Moore, will tell the true story of Mary Villiers, played by Julianne Moore, who coached her son, George, on how to seduce King James I and become his lover. 

Through scheming and deceiving those around them, the pair rose from lowly beginnings to become the richest, most titled and powerful mother and son England had ever seen.

AMC announces new adaptation of horror NOS4A2

Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) in NOS4A2 (Credit: AMC)

The drama follows Vic McQueen (Cummings) as she discovers her ability to find things that are lost, putting her in direct opposition with immortal villain Charlie Manx (Quinto).

Manx is a parasitic creature of the night who consumes the souls of children and traps their remains in a twisted place of Manx’s imagination, Christmasland, where being unhappy is illegal and it’s Christmas Day everyday.

McQueen strives to save Manx’s victims but must ensure she doesn’t lose her mind or fall victim to the vampiric creature in the process.

BT to broadcast first episode of The Terror on YouTube

(Credit: AMC)

The show, originally aired on AMC in America and is, in part, based on the true story of two ships, HMS Terror and HMS Erebus, which became trapped in the icy Northwest passage whilst mapping the Arctic coastline in the 19th Century. The series also draws inspiration from Dan Simmons' 2007 best-selling novel of the same name. It combines the real-life drama of being stuck in treacherous conditions with a sinister supernatural element.

Luke Pasqualino and Rupert Grint to star in Snatch on AMC

The ten part drama series is loosely based on the gritty 2000 film of the same name about a real life heist in London, which starred Brad Pitt and Vinnie Jones. 

Luke Pasqualino stars as sharp cockney Albert Hill, who is finding his feet in his family of criminals. He and a group of young hustlers are thrown into the world of organised crime after stumbling upon a truck full of stolen gold bullion. 

Rupert Grint plays Hill's partner-in-crime Charlie Cavendish, an intelligent and well-spoken gentleman who seems to bring chaos with him.  

Humans returns to Channel 4


Set in a parallel present, the show blurs the lines between human and machine, and focuses on the social impact of the creation of robot servants called Synths.

Filming begins in Autumn 2017 for the eight-part series, which is again being written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (Humans S1, Spooks: The Greater Good) and sees the return of key cast members.

Series two aired in 2016 to critical acclaim, with the first episode becoming Channel 4’s highest rating returning drama launch since Homeland S2 in 2012.

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus hits the road with BT

The six-part series features a different guest rider every week, as Reedus rides across North America to famous motorcycle hotspots and explores local biker cultures.

Reedus' biking hero, Peter Fonda - star of the epic motorcycle film Easy Rider - joins the adventure as the crew visit a moonshine distillery, ride dune-buggies, race porta-potties, and go to see a high voodoo priestess.

Seth Rogen's comic book thriller to air on Amazon UK

Preacher is adapted from a comic book published by DC comics' adult arm Vertigo. Set in Texas, the show stars UK actors Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun alongside Ruth Negga

The story follows Jesse Custer (Cooper), a preacher who gains supernatural powers when he finds his body inhabited by a mysterious entity called Genesis. He is joined on his unconventional journey by vampire Cassidy (Gilgun) and assassin Tulip (Negga).

Single writer or showrunner: what's the best way to succeed in drama?

Hugo Blick and Gina Moriarty

It is the question that British writers and commissioners perennially ask: which system works best – the UK’s single voice or the US’s showrunner model?

Former head of BBC Worldwide Productions turned independent producer Jane Tranter tried to answer this key question with a panel of writers, who outlined their experiences to see how they compared.

She pointed out that, during her seven years in the US, it was not a subject the industry there generally debated openly.

AMC's Josh Sapan: American television is a business of numbers

Josh Sapan

Josh Sapan was welcomed as “the real deal, one of the greats of American cable and the television industry” by his interviewer, Tim Davie. Not only that, the audience learned that Sapan was cut from a different cloth to most US TV executives because he understood British humour.

That’s germane because Sapan, President and CEO of AMC Networks, landed a 49.9% stake in BBC America (for $200m) in October 2014.

“We are cousins of the BBC, married into the family, a delight for me,” said the donnish-looking, New York-based cable veteran.