The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus hits the road with BT

The six-part series features a different guest rider every week, as Reedus rides across North America to famous motorcycle hotspots and explores local biker cultures.

Reedus' biking hero, Peter Fonda - star of the epic motorcycle film Easy Rider - joins the adventure as the crew visit a moonshine distillery, ride dune-buggies, race porta-potties, and go to see a high voodoo priestess.

2016's top factual shows


The Secret life of the Zoo (working title) – Channel 4

This show peeks behind the curtain at what goes on at the UK’s most popular zoo: Chester Zoo. This show peels back the covers on what goes on behind the scenes, and on the way viewers get to meet a new-born giraffe, watch the tigers move house and find out what a pregnant viper looks like under x-ray.