Billy Connolly

2016's top factual shows


The Secret life of the Zoo (working title) – Channel 4

This show peeks behind the curtain at what goes on at the UK’s most popular zoo: Chester Zoo. This show peels back the covers on what goes on behind the scenes, and on the way viewers get to meet a new-born giraffe, watch the tigers move house and find out what a pregnant viper looks like under x-ray.

Grierson Trust unveils British Documentary Awards nominees

The shortlist for The Grierson Trust 2015 British Documentary Awards has been announced.

The BBC and Channel 4 dominate the list, with 34 and 25 entries respectively.

Channel 5 features in the list for the first time since 2009, with nods for GPs: Behind Closed Doors and Can’t Pay? Final Demand Special.

First-time nominees include Vice for The Islamic State, BBC iPlayer with Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake, CNN for Extreme Antibiotics and, in a children’s first, CBBC with Mr Alzheimers and Me.