Sir David Attenborough

Trailer released for David Attenborough’s Planet Earth III

Three grey elephants walk along green grass towards a pink sunset

Beginning in 2006, Plant Earth provides stories from across the globe, focusing on the species that inhabit Earth, and the environments they live in.

The newly released trailer for Planet Earth III features Attenborough’s narration hinting at what’s to come in the eight-part series. Climate change and the human impact on the globe appears to be a theme, with Attenborough stating how the natural world is changing due to “a powerful force… us.” Other promotional material mentions the challenges that we face together, accompanied by video clips of forest fires.

Sir David Attenborough to present Planet Earth III

First airing in 2006, the series has gone on to become the global gold standard in natural history filmmaking, winning multiple RTS Awards for its epic and intimate exploration of nature's splendour. Having presented every episode to date, Attenborough's voice has become inextricably linked.

"Planet Earth wouldn’t be Planet Earth without David," says Executive Producer Mike Gunton, "so I’m delighted he is presenting the third series.

Sir David Attenborough to present new series on UK wildlife for BBC One

The BBC said that it “aims to do for the wildlife of Britain and Ireland what the Planet series has done for the wildlife of the world.”

The Open University, the RSPB and WWF co-produced the series over three years, while Silverback Films used cutting-edge technology to capture the natural drama. From battling butterflies to killer whales, the series reveals a previously unseen wild side of the British Isles.

BBC Factual announces new Natural History slate

The announcement comes amid the landmark COP26 conference and, said the BBC, will reinforce the broadcaster’s commitment to highlighting the science of life on earth and the state of the natural world.


In Asia, BBC One visits the biggest continent on Earth to showcase the extraordinary variety of its landscapes and wildlife.

Sir David Attenborough to narrate one of two new Natural History Specials coming to BBC

Meerkat: A Dynasties Special follows on from the award-winning 2018 series, Dynasties, and once again sees Sir David Attenborough narrate the dramatic story of a vulnerable species.

In one of the harshest environments on Earth, a young meerkat queen, Maghogho, is struggling to establish her dynasty.

The Makadikadi salt pans of Botswana are so hot and dry that almost no life can survive, yet it is there that Maghogho must raise her pups.

BBC One releases sneak peek of A Perfect Planet with Sir David Attenborough

Featuring an original score from composer Ilan Eshkeri, the prequel introduces the forces of nature supporting life on Earth that the series will explore.

Eshkeri said: “Composing the music for A Perfect Planet has also been enormously challenging - not least because of the unprecedented logistical issues of trying to record an orchestra during the lockdown!

“I’m grateful to everyone at the BBC and Silverback who supported me and the ideas I threw at them and I hope my music can play a small part in helping to inspire change.”

Michael Palin talks to Sir David Attenborough about his life on air

Fifty years ago, the BBC almost made a big mistake – one that would have changed the course of broadcasting history. After trying out a new recruit, head of television talks Mary Adams decided that her discovery had much to recommend him but, frankly, lacked the bland good looks considered necessary for the presenter’s art.

“David Attenborough is intelligent and promising and may well be producer material, but he is not to be used again as an interviewer. His teeth are too big,” ordered Adams.