Sir David Attenborough to narrate one of two new Natural History Specials coming to BBC

Meerkat: A Dynasties Special follows on from the award-winning 2018 series, Dynasties, and once again sees Sir David Attenborough narrate the dramatic story of a vulnerable species.

In one of the harshest environments on Earth, a young meerkat queen, Maghogho, is struggling to establish her dynasty.

The Makadikadi salt pans of Botswana are so hot and dry that almost no life can survive, yet it is there that Maghogho must raise her pups.

Interaction Man: Bear Grylls explores new territory for Netflix

When he’s not jetting across the world to tackle some of nature’s harshest conditions, the 44-year-old survival expert can be found with his family on a remote island off the coast of Wales, living a life you can only imagine is the real-life equivalent of The Wild Thornberrys (minus the talking animals).

He was able to correspond from a mountain in Switzerland in what could possibly be the most Bear Grylls-esque setting for an interview you could imagine. 

How Netflix's Our Planet was made

The panel (l-r): Jamie McPherson, Sophie Lanfear, Lynn Barlow, Oliver Scholey, Keith Scholey (Credit: RTS/Paul Hampartsoumian)

The sequence – a huge topic on social media - was described by award-winning natural history cinematographer Jamie McPherson as “the most powerful he’s ever shot.”

McPherson was discussing the series, which launched on the streaming service on April 5, at a joint RTS-Wildscreen screening of the Frozen Worlds episode, which featured the walruses.

“The sequence has become a symbol of climate change,” said Keith Scholey, series producer of the eight-part Our Planet, which is narrated by David Attenborough.