Black comedy at the court of the Sun King: A review of Michael Wolff's The Fall

So here’s a promise: this is going to be the only review of Michael Wolff’s book on Fox News and the Murdoch succession that doesn’t bang on about Succession, the TV series.

It now seems obvious that art (the TV series) began by imitating life (Rupert Murdoch and the battle to inherit his crown) and life has now returned the favour. But this is well-trodden terrain.

Hit black comedy Baskets heads to the UK

Galifianakis stars in the show which follows wannabe professional clown Chip Baskets, as he fails to make his dreams come true.

Chip’s dreams of becoming a professional clown at a Parisian clown school are crushed after he fails he fails to graduate, forcing him to return home to Bakerfield, California and become the clown-in-residence at the local rodeo.

Nor can Chip find solace in the company of his wife, who, she tells him, only married him for a green card, and doesn’t have a chance at making it as a clown – or cloon, if you’re Parisian.