Black comedy at the court of the Sun King: A review of Michael Wolff's The Fall

So here’s a promise: this is going to be the only review of Michael Wolff’s book on Fox News and the Murdoch succession that doesn’t bang on about Succession, the TV series.

It now seems obvious that art (the TV series) began by imitating life (Rupert Murdoch and the battle to inherit his crown) and life has now returned the favour. But this is well-trodden terrain.

Saad Mohseni: Building a Murdoch-style media empire

Saad Mohseni, Chair and Chief Executive of the Moby television group, has been called the Afghan Rupert Murdoch, and, despite obvious differences in scale, the comparison is far from crazy.

There are many obvious echoes. With his siblings, Mohseni has built from nothing an international media group operating not just in Afghanistan but in Iran, Ethiopia, India and the Middle East, and which is increasingly targeting sub-Saharan Africa.