Saad Mohseni: Building a Murdoch-style media empire

Saad Mohseni, Chair and Chief Executive of the Moby television group, has been called the Afghan Rupert Murdoch, and, despite obvious differences in scale, the comparison is far from crazy.

There are many obvious echoes. With his siblings, Mohseni has built from nothing an international media group operating not just in Afghanistan but in Iran, Ethiopia, India and the Middle East, and which is increasingly targeting sub-Saharan Africa.

Viceland to launch in multiple countries

The rapid growth of the new TV channel makes Viceland the "fastest growing television network in history."

Speaking at a press conference at the Cannes Lions advertising festival, CEO Shane Smith said, "When I first announced Viceland was going to launch in 12 countries in 12 months everyone rolled their eyes.

"It turns out they were right, we were wrong. We didn't do 12 countries in 12 months; we did 44 countries in four months."

Your must-watch catch up TV

Catch these gems before they disappear.

Grace and Frankie


The slick, silver-haired comedy from Friends creator Martha Kauffman is back for a second season.

Straight-laced Grace and free spirit Frankie are both happily married women when their husbands, Robert and Sol, announce that they are leaving them – for each other.